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Young Latinos most affected by Covit-19 in the United States – Brenza Latin

Federal data show that the virus’s cause of death are higher among Latinos between the ages of 30 and 40.

In this regard, a report in the La Opinion newspaper shows that in California, the country with the largest Hispanic population in the country, statistics show that more than 5.5 times as many Latin people between the ages of 35 and 49 have died from the virus. The proportion of white people in the same age range.

A recent article in The Washington Post reversed this trend, saying that the epidemic was “particularly dangerous” in that area of ​​the Latin population.

The Post revealed that the mortality rate in those communities from COVID-19 is at least twice that of whites or Asian Americans.

“Say it the other way: in California, Latinos aged 35-49 make up 41.5 percent of that age group, but they make up 74 percent of all deaths,” the newspaper said.

A study published by Processes of the National Academy of Sciences in February promised that the life expectancy of Latin people across the country by 2020 would fall by nearly three years compared to the white population, which was caused by the death of young people.

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