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Young farmer: surprise 4th place on ÖVP list for state elections

Young farmer: surprise 4th place on ÖVP list for state elections

The Carinthian ÖVP hopes to be represented again with two members of regional councils in the government after state elections next spring. That is why the state list, which is decided unanimously by the party’s executive branch today, is headed by the current ÖVP State Councilor, Martin Gruber and Sebastian Schuschnigg. It follows club president Marcus Malley and farmer Stephanie Offner of Afritz as the first woman. Mayor Ronnie Rolle of St. Stefan im Geltal and Sylvia Hüsel Benz, Mayor of Pörtschach, represented in the current state parliament, follow in fifth and sixth places.

In the last state election, the Carinthian ÖVP won six mandates, losing the primary mandate in the Villach district by a full hundred votes. Party leader Gruber stresses that the party’s goal is to win more votes than in the last elections. However, he also understands that this time no tailwind can be expected from Vienna. However, prominent representatives of the Federalist Party will soon be guests of Carinthia. For example, Federal Chancellor Karl Nehamer will deliver a lecture on November 22 at the St. Veit Flower Hall on the topic “Endless crises? What does Carinthia need now”.

Gruber (East district), Herbert Gaggl (Klagenfurt district), Schuschnig (West) and Robert Köfer (Villach) all occupy the first constituency lists. According to state director Julia Lochnigg, the proportion of women on all lists is about 50 percent. According to the party director, the election campaign will not start until January next year. It will be rejected on posters and on social media. Campaign gifts should be avoided in times of general inflation. Party leader Gruber described the security of the country’s supplies and the protection of the country’s assets as issues related to the campaign. This mainly affects Klagenfurt Airport.