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“You shouldn’t do that.”  Young Musiala, a Bayern player, refuses to shake hands with Streich, and Tuchel reprimands him

“You shouldn’t do that.” Young Musiala, a Bayern player, refuses to shake hands with Streich, and Tuchel reprimands him

After the cup defeat against Freiburg, disappointment in Bayern became clearly visible. Especially Djamel Musiala, who took the decisive penalty just before the end – and then refused to shake Christian Streich’s hand.

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  • Bayern lost to Freiburg (1-2) in the quarter-finals of the cup.
  • Young Jamal Musiala scored a penalty in stoppage time and refused to shake hands with Freiburg coach Christian Streich after the final whistle.
  • Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel criticizes Musiala for the penalty. Criticism on Twitter praised his behavior towards Streich.

Immediately after the final whistle, Freiburg coach Christian Streich wants to calm down the tragic hero. He ran up to Jamal Musiala, who clumsily inflicted a penalty kick with his hand in extra time, resulting in a 2: 1 for the guests, shook his hand and was clearly trying to cheer him up.

But Musiala does not respond, refuses to shake Streich’s hand, and turns away from the Freiburg coach. The 20-year-old Streich gives his opinion and calls after him. But he does not have to be upset for a long time, the joy of a sudden victory in Munich is simply too great.

Of course, the mood at Bayern Munich is completely different. For new coach Thomas Tuchel, there is already a big setback in the second match. Accordingly, Tuchel also judges Musiala’s behavior in the penalty scene on Sky: “Nowadays you can’t jump like that anymore.

Lukas Holler converted the well-deserved penalty kick, shooting Freiburg into the semi-finals of the DFB Cup. However, Tuchel does not hold Musiala alone responsible for Bayern Munich’s early exit from the cup. Before the scene that decides the match, the coach sees several mistakes by his new team: “We lost two headers in the sixteen, in the last minute. You have to put your body there, be more stable, be tougher.” There is consolation for Musiala from his team-mate Thomas Müller: “We will definitely be there for him as a team.”

The young man must be getting a lot of criticism online, especially for refusing to shake hands. Although some observers also defend Musiala.