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You only need 27 cartoons that the Queen would love

You only need 27 cartoons that the Queen would love

After 70 years in office, Elizabeth II passed away. With this cartoon, cartoonists from all over the world are bowing to her for the last time – and with King Charles III. They won’t be running out of work any time soon.

09/10/2022, 06:1609/10/2022, 12:44 PM

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A serious caricature was published on the occasion of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1952. Joe Star He began his career as a paperworker in 1907 and is best known for his 46 years with the Boston Herald Traveler.

They were closely related: the queen and her dogs. Over the course of her long life, the Queen has had over 30 puppies and dogs nearly as long as a queen.

The Queen did not wear a flower brooch during Trump’s visit, as it was A gift from Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.