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You need a lot of patience

You need a lot of patience

From Thelo Bayer
In the update, Valve will notify you when the second round of reservation emails will be sent out. For anyone wanting to buy the Steam platform now, there’s bad news.

There are many steps involved in purchasing Steam Deck. You first have to “book” a form for a small fee, after which Valve will eventually send an email to the lockers so they can actually order their Steam Deck. There is new information on this.

Steam Deck: Not until October for new customers

The The first batch of pre-order letters He was known to go out at the end of February. Anyone who received this email can request a Steam Deck to have it arrive by the end of March. There are other groups of bookings scheduled to ship in the first quarter. The corresponding emails for the second group have now also been sent, As confirmed by Valve in the update. at 14.3. , 21.3. and 28.3. There are more emails every week. Starting in April, shipping will begin for those who see the second quarter as the order date in the Steam platform overview. The writer of this news is still part of Q1, but he has not yet received his request email.

Valve states that they have “actively ramped up” production of Steam Deck, which is why there is now “clearer” information on availability and production schedules. This is why customers can now also see the time window in which the order will be available for the third quarter. To do this, go to Steam Deck product pagelogs in and then sees the request time window.

However, it also means that everyone who registers for a reservation with immediate effect, as per the current state of knowledge, will only receive their email after the third quarter, i.e. in October at the earliest. All three versions of Steam Deck currently state that it is “possible” that demand will only be possible after the third quarter of 2022. So which now depends only on Steam Deck Test (eg on Opinion will have to wait more than seven months before he can finally order the handheld game.