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"You had to go out before four broadcasts."

“You had to go out before four broadcasts.”

Harsh verdict from Oana Nechiti, 33, and Erich Klann, 34: In their opinion, the “Let’s Dance” candidate was supposed to be leaving the show long ago.

Ioana Nichetti and Eric Clan: Auma Obama has reached the quarter-finals

The half-sister of the famous former US President Barack Obama, 59, danced her way to the quarter-finals of this year’s “Let’s Dance” season. Born in Kenya, she is a German, sociologist, and book author, which is why Dr. Obama is not in the shadow of her well-known brother. In addition to the mournful strokes of fate, the 60-year-old had positive experiences during the show: For her this was the first time it was only about her, as she revealed in an interview after the show:

I’m proud that it was really my first experience.

After the tenth episode, there’s now a shaft shift for her and dance partner Andre Sebes, 33, who has coached her up to this point. With Triple Tango alongside Robert Beach, 29, and Quickstep with Lisa Minnelli, the two managed to Do not convince. Of course, professional dancers Ona Nachiti, 33, and her husband Eric Clan, 34, have reported back on RTL on their podcast, Dance Or Not At All. Uma’s end didn’t come as a surprise to Eric:

Auma was the first and it didn’t impress me at all. In my opinion, the whole thing was praised a lot (…) my opinion is: It should have been released four shows.

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Oana Nechiti & Erich Klann: “Respect has nothing to do with a title”

Harsh but honest words. Oana is trying to categorize it a little better: “In the triple dances it had a stronger effect on charisma than in the solo dances.”She started “It was like every week, it was nothing special.” While the two complained last week about the unfair jury evaluation, they found a fitting example in Uma Obama. The two noted that the jury treats the Kenyan differently than it does with boxer Simon Zachenhuber, 22. Oana thinks this is unfair:

I think respect doesn’t just have to be about age or last name. (…) Especially when it comes to performance.

Does it really have anything to do with the last name? In any case, we’re excited to see who will reach the “Let’s Dance” grand final on Friday evening (May 21, 8:15 PM, RTL).