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You didn't notice, but Swisscom has turned off the 2G network

You didn’t notice, but Swisscom has turned off the 2G network

2G traffic has been declining steadily and was below 0.03 percent at the end of 2020. Usage behavior has changed dramatically since the introduction of 2G in 1993 and mobile data traffic has increased every year, according to Swisscom. 2G was directed towards applications at the time, such as making calls or sending SMS.

Swisscom wants capabilities that are now released in the newest 4G and mobile network technologies The fifth generation network use. With these it can be data More reliable, efficient, and faster transmission and also make phone calls with the best HD quality. In addition to classic data transmission, live broadcasting and games, hardware and machine networking solutions (Internet of Things, Internet of Things) are becoming increasingly important.

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Do you live in the 5G zone? Here you can find out at a glance

Swisscom and Sunrise launched the 5G network in the spring of 2019. The federal government will now show where 5G reception is already available on its online mapping service.

Recently, Swisscom and Sunrise announced that they would be operating their 5G network nationwide by the end of the year. They’re miles away, as the new federal 5G coverage map reveals.

The federal government “Atlas Broadband Switzerland” has limited the locations of 5G antennas for a long time. The interactive map now also shows where the 5G or 5G “radiation” will be received.

One limitation can be said: the map only displays theoretical or calculated 5G coverage outdoors, so …

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