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You can transfer WhatsApp chat history between iOS and Android, but you need to buy Galaxy Fold to do that

You can transfer WhatsApp chat history between iOS and Android, but you need to buy Galaxy Fold to do that

Something went wrong with today’s Galaxy Unpacked event. Outside Two new foldable smartphones to me The first Wear OS 3 smartwatchSamsung recently brought a lot of news to reveal. If you haven’t given enough attention, you may have missed an ad. WhatsApp has finally made it easy to transfer all your chat history between iPhone and Android devices.

Currently, WhatsApp users can Sync their conversations to a new device using Google Drive backups on Android and iCloud backups on iOS. When you upgrade from Pixel to Pixel or from iPhone to iPhone, it works without major issues. If you want to migrate to another platform – be it from or from Android – you can do so with this update without losing all your messages, voice memos, and photos.

However, it will take some time to reach all users. Working with Samsung and its Smart Switch app, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 will be the first devices to support transfers. So, if you’re rocking an iPhone and one of today’s new foldable devices piques your interest, you can take all your data with you on the trip without relying on Google Drive or iCloud.

There’s some confusion about when exactly this feature will roll out to all Android devices — WhatsApp itself says it will hit Samsung devices running Android 10 or later in the coming weeks — but once all phones are supported, you can choose between turning on the switch. Back and forth systems lose your data. According to the company, encryption built into the application prevented the sending function until then, but cooperation between “the world’s largest operating systems and mobile device manufacturers” made it possible to avoid operating system locks.

Thanks Leaked beta versions of WhatsAppWe’ve known for a while that this feature is coming. We’ll have to wait for it to be available on all phones to try it out, but if you know someone who’s eager to upgrade from the iPhone to the Galaxy Z Fold3 this fall, this is the news they’ve been waiting for.