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You can now play Flight Simulator in Flight Simulator

You can now play Flight Simulator in Flight Simulator

From Benjamin Grundkin
On the occasion of Flight Simulator’s 40th anniversary, Microsoft has released a whole bunch of new content, be it planes, helicopters, or missions. Particularly nostalgic: a flight simulator from 1982 can be played in today’s flight simulator by displaying an aircraft.

On November 11, 2022, Microsoft released a major Flight Simulator content update. New planes, airports, helicopters and airstrips as well as a number of classic missions were on board. Last but not least, PC gamers were delighted with the implementation of FSR 2 and DLSS 3. Of course, it wasn’t long before pilots of virtual machines came across their very own Easter egg: Flight Simulator from 1982.

You can’t have it as a redesigned version or make it workable for modern systems, but as a game within a game. Pilots who climb the Diamond DA62 can use Flight Simulator, an old model from today’s perspective

Easter Egg in Flight Simulator: How to get the original from 1982

How do you get to the Easter egg? To do this, go to the cockpit view on the tarmac, then to the ELT key in the lower right corner of the right-hand digital display. Once the switch is activated, the display on the left turns into a playable version of the veteran versions of Flight Simulator. At the top, you can switch between games while controlling the movement via an on-screen keyboard.

It’s certainly not the most comfortable way to gamble, but Flight Simulator’s Flight Simulator should make the fans’ hearts of older genre connoisseurs beat faster. Once the Easter egg fades, the virtual pilots can still jump into the rich content of the 40th Anniversary Patch. These include, for example, the 1903 Wright Flyer and helicopters such as the Guimbal Cabri G2 and Bell 407, or the four new airports in the form of Hong Kong Kai Tak and Meigs Field in Chicago, Princess Juliana International in Sint Maarten and First Flight airport in Kitty Hawk.

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