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Yoh and the May Miracle – inside Paradeplatz

Yoh and the May Miracle – inside Paradeplatz

Swiss neobank Yuh now has 200,000 users. They are called “Yahsar” and “Yahsarinen”.

Yuh's goal is to reach 260,000 “Yuhsers” by the end of 2024.

Neobank, which was founded in 2021 and is a joint subsidiary of Postfinance and Swissquote, now manages assets worth 1.5 billion francs.

With Yuh, customers can save, pay and invest. So the total package. However, it seems that many users prefer not to become “Yuhser”.

All included (Yoh)

There is ongoing criticism on rating platform Trustpilot. It seems that there are a lot of dissatisfied customers who want to share their negative experiences with the bank.

Currently, Yuh has an average of 3.2 stars with a total of 631 reviews. Not a disaster, but not particularly good either.

Then suddenly: a lot of praise. In just 3 days, Yuh received 85 new reviews on Trustpilot – all 5 stars.

On May 6, 2024 alone, the bank was rated 54 times with the highest 5-star feature and 17 times with a still good 4-star rating.

It seemed as if a particularly large number of very satisfied “Yuhsers” were drawn to Trustpilot on that Monday.

There are coincidences. They don't even exist.

Customers are singing the praises of the Yuh app. They care about the excellent service they get and how easy it is to use.

It's just “all is well”!

It's unfortunate that despite this huge amount of new positive reviews, the average remains at just 3 stars.

This is probably due to the hundreds of other experiences customers have had with Yuh. On Trustpilot, critics have warned numerous times: “Stay away from Yuh.”

How does that fit together?

A phone call with Yuh CEO Markus Schwab provides insight. Schwab maintains that Yuh never offered customers any incentives or promotions in exchange for positive reviews.

Yeoh would never do this. Schwab then mentions the positive reviews in the Apple Store, where Yeoh received 4.7 stars.

When asked why so many positive reviews were left in just a few days, when negative reviews were dominant in the past, the banker questioned the nature of Trustpilot.

It is the norm that negative things prevail on the platform and the majority of banks perform poorly on Trustpilot.

Most of them are much worse yuh.

A look at the ratings of UBS with an average of 1.2 stars and ZKB with 1.8 seems to confirm this.

If only negative reviews were left on Trustpilot, the sudden rush of highly satisfied users would be even more bizarre.

Yeoh apparently witnessed a miracle on three lucky days in May. Maybe May 6th will be introduced as a Yoh holiday?