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Yes, it's love again!  GZSZ ERNI dream couple celebrate their comeback

Yes, it’s love again! GZSZ ERNI dream couple celebrate their comeback>broadcast>

23. June 2021 – 20:15 hour

Eric and Tony are in love again!

It was until January 2021 Eric (Patrick Heinrich) and Tony (Olivia Marie) The Dream Couple at GZSZ. But a lot of differences and a lack of trust force both of them to do so to end their relationship. In the meantime, the two became good friends and Eric became Tony’s savior, after all Free Tony from the clutches of the serial killer. The fact that the two quickly blend together again is more than just friendship. In order to distract Tony from the experiences of the past few days, Eric took her to buy furniture. And suddenly it happens: two kisses! Error ?! A little later, Tony visits Eric in construction and has something important to tell him. What will happen? We show it in our spoiler video.

You can see what the return of the great love of Tony and Eric will look like on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 7:40 PM on RTL and Already online on TVNOW.

Here’s what Olivia Marie and Patrick Heinrich had to say about Love’s return to their rolesدوار

Actors Patrick and Olivia are also thrilled that Tony and Eric are slowly but surely getting closer. “Yippie Yippie Yeah – Finally!” I thought and of course I was really happy. Patrick says that Tony and Eric no longer feel somewhat wrong. “Patrick is basically my best friend and when we can shoot together, I enjoy working on the set more than usual.”

Hot spoiler warning! This is how Eric and Tony get back together

A short version of Episode 7.288 on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Eric gets his own apartment through connections. Unfortunately at Steglitz, which gives Tony a stab. But she is determined to just be a good friend to Eric. This is why she also loves to help him roam when he is allowed to stash furniture when the theater box is liquidated. Inspired by the cool atmosphere of a theater box, the two fool around until Eric lets himself away for a kiss…

A short version of Episode 7.289 on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Tony reacts to the kiss so completely overwhelmed by her that Eric is already afraid that their friendship will be jeopardized. Instead, Tony flies into his arms and the two finally get back together. Overjoyed, they surrender their love …

A short version of Episode 7.290 on Thursday, July 1, 2021

Tony and Eric have to interrupt their drunkenness because theater furniture is waiting to be moved to Eric’s new apartment. Without hesitation, Tony decides to start over with all the trimmings and asks Eric to move in with her again…

More highlights of the GZSZ can be seen here:

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