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Yellow mailboxes are emptied less often

Yellow mailboxes are emptied less often

Post spokeswoman Lea Wertheimer confirmed a report published by consumer magazine Saldo on Wednesday. The drop was especially noticeable at the weekend: today, Swiss Post emptied nearly 11,400 mailboxes on Saturday and 1,724 on Sunday. In the future it will be 4,009 on Saturday and 290 on Sunday.

Swiss Post doesn’t empty even a third of its mailboxes at the weekend, writes “Balance.” The decline is especially dangerous in rural cantons. On weekdays, the Postal Service also disassembles the service, including in cities.

When asked, Wertheimer indicated that in Switzerland only about every sixth letter is thrown into a yellow mailbox – and this is with a steady decrease in the volume of letters. The deployment had two options: either to reduce the number of yellow mailboxes or to adjust emptying times.

Do not dismantle planned

“We do not want to dismantle the mailboxes, but rather provide people in Switzerland with short distances,” said Wertheimer of the Keystone news agency. “This is why we decided to adjust the discharge times.” The Post continues to offer its customers a very dense network of mailboxes.

Beginning next week, most yellow mailbox empties should be performed on daily mail delivery. “The postman takes letters in yellow mailboxes with him on his tour of the house.” This means that it is necessary to reduce the number of extra rides or excursions. This is more efficient, cheaper and ultimately more environmental.