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YB meets Man United in the Champions League

YB meets Man United in the Champions League

Champions League

From the dream: Young Boys play against Manchester United and miss the Europa League

Despite his valiant performance, YB at Old Trafford did not get past a 1-1 draw against Manchester United without stars. Thus, Bernese finished the group stage of the Champions League in fourth place and misses the knockout stage of the European League.

Disappointment is written on Elijah (left), Sepacho, and Kamara.

Robbie Jay Barratt / Freshfocus / AMA

Burns’ dream has long been in the Theater of Dreams. They dream about the feeling of winning at Old Trafford. And with it a European winter. But despite the stellar performance, the youngster never got more than a 1-1 draw, which means that the European season is definitely over for this season.

Despite a strong second half, the only goal scored by Fabian Rider for the Young Boys still stood. It’s a brilliant goal from Byrne’s super talent after 42 minutes of play. After a foul by Van de Beek, he got the ball and didn’t hesitate for long and hit the ball superbly into the corner.

Fabian Ryder scored a dream goal to make it 1-1 at Old Trafford.

Fabian Ryder scored a dream goal to make it 1-1 at Old Trafford.

Martin Reckitt/AFP

The highlight of an evening that will surely be remembered favorably in Bern. A point at Old Trafford is an untold achievement for YB. It’s a great advertisement for Swiss football. However, the youngsters lost their slim chance of getting into the European League. The duel between Bergamo and Villarreal, which was postponed to today due to heavy snowfall, no longer has any effect on the Young Boys.

It can start focusing on the crisis

In the duel between German coaches David Wagner and Ralph Rangnick, who both know each other well from their joint time with Hoffenheim, Rangnick relies on a classic B-team. Rangnick spins across the line, even replacing the second goalkeeper with the third after 66 minutes. But Manchester United with B-Eleven is still going strong. With Mason Greenwood, for example, who reveals his immense talent when he hits after nine minutes.

But at Manchester United there are a lot of partials as the young boys make their way into the game better and better. The high pressure puts United’s inexperienced defense under pressure time and time again. Not only in front of goal via Ryder, Bernese captured the ball, so Bernese’s performance is impressive, even if the Young Boys meet a less prominent team than they did in a 2-1 home win. The way David Wagner’s team performs on ‘Theater of Dreams’ is worthy of respect.

David Wagner's team did not hide in front of Man United.

David Wagner’s team did not hide in front of Man United.

Robbie Jay Barratt / Freshfocus / AMA

For young boys, the match in Manchester is an escape from a difficult situation. Even before the match in Manchester, David Wagner said that the crisis in the result of the championship had no effect. Indeed, Bernese is in a different starting position internationally, they can play in Manchester liberated and without pressure. This situation seems to suit young children better.

Great performance and low wages

But at the end of this Bernese’s last appearance in First Class, the little boys can be said by no means hiding. again no. The Swiss champions never stood a chance in any of these group stage matches in the first division. But it will take more to finish this difficult group even in third place.

It looked great at the start of this season: what a great feeling when Bernays beat Manchester United 2-1 at home. The big dream was fitting. But in the end there is simply a lack of quality. The gap between the Swiss champion and the top teams in Europe has widened – especially when the Swiss representative’s important players continue to pull out. After all, 33-year-old captain Fabian Lustenberger managed to celebrate his debut in the Champions League in Manchester.

Captain Fabian Lustenberger celebrated his Champions League debut.

Captain Fabian Lustenberger celebrated his Champions League debut.

Robbie Jay Barratt / Freshfocus / AMA

After the European elimination, Berne can now focus on the domestic league. Perhaps not bad for YB to have so little grain to fight the increasingly tough battle against competition from Basel and Zurich.

Game sounds

Fabian Reader: It feels good to score such a beautiful goal. We could have won the game. We played our chances well, unfortunately efficiency was lacking.

Fabian Lustenberger: We said goodbye to the Champions League with our heads held high. The game has been a bit symbolic for the past few weeks: great gameplay, opportunities untapped.

Read the game in the live stream: