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YB beats Lugano in the cup final drama and gets the double

YB beats Lugano in the cup final drama and gets the double

YB is celebrating, Logano is just frustrated.Photo: Cornerstone

Young Boys won the Swiss Cup for the eighth time. In an impressively intense final, the Bernese defeated defending champions Lugano 3-2 in Wankdorf, courtesy of two goals from Jean-Pierre Nessam.

FC Lugano never gave up. Ticino fought for the cup to the end. In the 85th minute, Ousmane Doumbia got another chance to make it 2: 2, but young YB goalkeeper Marvin Keeler made a save and in return Meshach Elia scored 3: 1. Are you ready for Lugano?

“It was awesome. An incredibly intense game. Now let’s celebrate. It was a game that could go either way. Of course, there was a bit of luck before the 3-1, but I don’t really care now.”

Marvin Keeler, YB goalkeeper.

No, because the magnificent “Bianconeri” came within one goal again in the 87th minute through Renato Stevens. After that, they are no more dangerous than they were in the beginning.

Logano heard the second half. In the 53rd minute, Mattia Botani, who came on as a substitute, made it 1: 2 and revived a match that YB had seemed almost decided. League top scorer Jean-Pierre Nsmi scored two goals for the champion in the 20th minute and in stoppage time in the first half. The first time the ball flew fortunately it deflected into the goal after a corner kick, before the Cameroonian won 2-0 in the tight air duel with goalkeeper Amir Saibe.

“We should be proud. The team fought for 90 minutes. At first we had some problems with the artificial turf. But we were very good in the second half. They fought and got very close. Really little was missing. I am proud of my children. It’s a shame that that second goal came just before the end of the first half. But we come home with our heads held high, and we almost beat a great team.”

Lugano coach Mattia Crossi Torti.

It was a wild ride in Wankdorf, which sold out with 31,500 spectators. My super fan curve had set the tone for their songs and choreographies even before kick-off and provided the specs for the match: both teams went to work with tremendous intensity.

The ball was hardly accepted without resistance, and not a single decision by referee Fähndrich was left without reaction from the coaches. YB’s Rafael Wiki was exceptionally hard-blooded, and his opponent Mattia Croese-Torte sauntered kilometers as usual on the edge of the training area and galvanized his players without interruption.

“I’m tired. We had big problems in the second half, Lugano was very strong. But in the end, it’s a great season. It’s a team that loves to be together, loves to train and always wants to improve.”

Rafael Wiki, YB Coach

The small difference finally led to the first half where YB was a little better and a little happier. The Bernese struck at key moments. With 1: 0 they rewarded themselves for the initial dominance and the fight for the centimeters won at the start. Then 2: 0 fell out of nowhere in first-half injury time due to a mistake by Saybe, who, however, intervened decisively two or three times, thus enabling the people in front of them to fight this bravely to the end.

Young Boys – Lugano 3: 2 (2: 0)
31,500 spectators. – S.R. Ensign.
Portals: 20- We call (Reader) 1-0. 45. We call Zeissiger 2-0. 53 – Bhutanese (Alicia) 2-1. 85. Elijah 3:1. 88. Stephen (Alicia) 3-2.
little boy: the basement; Garcia, Zeissiger; Amanda, Blum; Ugrinic (81 Imeri), Lauper (5 Niasse, 90th Lustenberger), Rieder, Fassnacht; Elia (90 Montero), Nessam (90 Camara).
Lugano: saibi. Mahmoud (Hijrizi 46), Hajdari (Espinoza 77), Arrigoni (Bapek 87), Valenzuela; Doumbia, Sabatini, Basilimi (46 Bhutanese); Stephen, Sylar (66. Gomorrah), Alicia.
comments: Young Boys without Iten, Rassiopi, Rouge and von Palmos (all injured). Lugano without Dibrila, Mahu and Mai (all injured).
Warnings: 15. Ugrinic. 28. Mahmoud. 29. Zahra. 33. Zesiger. 36- Bislimy. Carnival 62. 63. Doumbia. 72. Nasmah. (Abu / Sada)

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