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Yasmine Tawil: This is why the GZSZ star is not allowed to see her son

Yasmine Tawil: This is why the GZSZ star is not allowed to see her son

strict authorities

If Jasmine Tall appeared in front of her son’s house, she would be arrested

Yasmine Tawil is free. But the concern for her son is increasing day by day. However, the 40-year-old will have to be patient.


Jasmine Tawil was arrested in Costa Rica for several robberies and robberies and for attacking her boyfriend’s family. Meanwhile, she, too, was against her will in a psychiatric ward.

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  • Former GZSZ star Jasmine Tawil has been in jail for a week – meanwhile also in a psychiatric ward in San Jose.

  • The 40-year-old was released and has been desperately searching for her son ever since.

  • The three-year-old is in the care of the German authorities. Only with her father can she return him to herself – but she will have to be patient for this.

In the drama about Yasmine Tawil, there was a sudden turning point: after she was in prison and against her will, even in the meantime. She was in a psychiatric hospital, and was released on Saturday. Although she is overjoyed to be free once again, one question engulfs her: Where is her son, Ocean? She has not seen the three-year-old since her arrest two weeks ago, after authorities took him away at her adopted home in Costa Rica.

According to Michael Weber, 63, Jasmine’s father, the boy is currently in a home where, according to State Department statements, he should do well given the circumstances. An insider now reveals to Bild why the residence remains a secret: “The Youth Welfare Office wants to prevent family members from standing in front of the door of the Children’s Home and thus stirring up disturbances. The Children’s Home will only release the boy if someone else has a similar power of attorney issued by the Office Youth Care “.

Jasmine Tall must be patient

But it may take a few days before the necessary documents are put together. Weber, who lives in Mallorca as a reuse entrepreneur, has taken care of the matter, is in touch with the authorities and has an initial consultation appointment for Monday. After submitting a similar application, he can obtain the right of residence for his grandson from the German authorities – and then, in consultation with his daughter Yasmine Tawil, decide where her son should go. He must also decide who will accompany Ocean on the return journey.

The former GZSZ actress is considered a very difficult person to talk about. According to the German newspaper, it is doubtful that it will be able to hold back until the bureaucracy is over. It will be good for her, because the person who is said to be involved in the matter also confirms: “If Jasmine appears in front of the house, the police can arrest her again.”

The source also confirms that her son is in good hands: “The little boy will be four years old in three months, and he’s at an age where he already notices something is wrong. But he’s coping well, he has about 20 other kids around him and he gets along really well,” the little boy said to the other kids. “Mom went shopping.”

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