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Yannick, Jean and the NFL Dream |

Yannick, Jean and the NFL Dream |

Jannick Kell and Jan Hendrik Hofmeyer could soon play football in the USA. The Frankfurt Galaxy players have already cleared the first hurdle. In London they now have to impress the NFL scouts.

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on the video These two Frankfurters want to go to the NFL

Jannick Keel and Jan Hendrik Hofmeyer

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Yannick Keel made it all happen just a few weeks ago. Become a hero with Frankfurt Galaxy. In the newly established UEFA Europa League Final, the 2.02m offensive lineman helped ensure the midfielder could throw four touchdown passes and the Hessians won the match.

Honoring the title is a very special dream that he cannot fulfill in Europe. Which football player does not dream of playing in the NFL someday? asks the 28-year-old in an interview with hr-sport. On Tuesday he could get a little closer to his dream.

exhibition in london

Like teammate Jan Hendrik Hofmayer, Kiel has been invited to the NFL Combine. The most promising football talents from all over the world gather in London. The International Track Program (IPP) is the name of a worldwide talent search that is supposed to bring more international flair to the league. The talent scouting team from USA shows what they can do. Strength exercises are completed, the speed and mobility of the athletes are tested – then the best are transported to the USA.

Unfortunately, the NFL has yet to go straight to a training camp in Florida, as offensive tackle Tackle Hoffmeyer explains: “Then we’ll have to train for three months.” And an NFL club might spot a Frankfurt player there.

Jacob Johnson as a role model

Admittedly: the opportunity is not great. About 45 players present themselves to Scouts in London. Only 12 to 16 are allowed to attend the Tampa Bay Training Academy. None of them guarantee a place in the NFL. Jacob Johnson, for example, has proven in the past that it can still work. The full-back from Stuttgart also came to the United States via IPP – he now plays for the New England Patriots.

“This is the chance of my life,” says Kiel, who also wants to land with the Patriots. On the other hand, Hofmeyer prefers the southern United States. “I’m a fan of Dallas Cowboys,” he says. “Texas will be just fine.” But if it turns out to be a different team in the end, neither of them will grieve. After all, the dream is to play in the NFL. Everything after that is just an addition.

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