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Yamaha AMSAS – The bike that won’t tip over / Products

Yamaha AMSAS – The bike that won’t tip over / Products

As a prototype, Yamaha builds an electric motorcycle that keeps its balance on its own. The AMSAS Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System is designed to prevent falls at low speeds.

The system consists of two electric servo motors, one on the steering head and the other on the front wheel. The motorcycle maintains its balance by precisely reacting to steering motions and minimal forward and backward movements of the front wheel; which works even when stationary.

When it was introduced, AMSAS was installed in an all-electric motorcycle roughly matching the dimensions of the R3. Parts of the drivetrain appear unattractively above the bottom of the fairing and significantly restrict ground clearance. This definitely will not go into series production.

AMSAS is only active up to 5 km/h, with a faster motorcycle the gyroscopic forces of the wheels are already sufficient to stabilize the ride. Mid-range motorcycles are already equipped with six-axis gyro sensors, also known as inertial measurement units (IMUs) for the purpose of ABS cornering control and angle-dependent traction control. AMSAS is also controlled by the data received from the IMU.

AMSAS only makes sense for top-of-the-line motorcycles, those with a high seat – indoor travel or fully streamlined touring machines. With such high-end machines, it’s especially awkward to fall at low speeds, such as when standing in front of a bicycle bar. AMSAS can prevent such embarrassment through discreet interventions.