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Yakin Elf meets Italy's captain in World Cup qualifiers

Yakin Elf meets Italy’s captain in World Cup qualifiers

The Swiss national team is fighting against Italy for the leadership of Group C in the World Cup qualifiers, follow the match here in the live tape.

Sylvain Widmer leads the Swiss national team. – SRF

The basics in brief

  • The European champions Switzerland will face Italy away in the World Cup qualifiers.
  • The game is a game changer in the battle for a ticket to the finals in Qatar.
  • Follow the important game here in the live bar.

1: 1 *: No! Penalty kick for Italy! Referee Taylor decided the penalties after consulting the VAR, a very difficult decision. But good for Switzerland: Jorginho buds!!!

1: 1 *: Switzerland cannot get out of the way now. Yakin strengthens the defense and frees Shaqiri and plants to Okafor.

1: 1 *: Italians are better now. Nati hedgehog increasingly in the back, Yakin reacts to a double change. Garcia and Emery replace Rodriguez and Stephen. This is Emery’s first appearance in the first national team.

1: 1 *: The game is still balanced. There are hardly any chances of scoring on either side. In Italy, Tonali and Berardi come to Locatelli and Belotti a little less than an hour later.

1: 1 *: The second round is running.

The conclusion of the first half

1: 1 *: Rest in Rome. The Swiss team took an early lead in an entertaining match and played bravely forward from the start. Ten minutes before the end of the first half, Italy equalized with Di Lorenzo. Goalkeeper Natty Sommer doesn’t look good at 1:1.

The Italians equalized after 36 minutes. – SRF

1: 1 *: No! Ironically, summer isn’t looking good with the goal factored in. The goalkeeper sails past the ball after a cross, and Di Lorenzo (36) heads to make the score 1-1. The hit is still verified by VAR, but is then given.

0: 1 *: Now the Italians are getting into the game better. After 22 minutes, Sommer miraculously saved at Barilla’s goal and grabbed the initiative.

0: 1 *: Switzerland tops! Rookie 11th Okafor set out to return the ball to Widmer in perfect fashion. Knocks the ball into the net from the limit of 16.

0: 0 *: The game started.

Initial mode

Meet the Swiss national team Im olympic stadium In Rome, the European champions Italy. first game In the World Cup qualifiers is crucial in the fight for a ticket to Qatar 2022.

Plague in the lead up to the match Nati’s coach, Murat Yakin Injury concerns. Many regular players drop out. Significant question marks appear, especially in the central defense and in the middle of the storm.

Now it is clear: Murad Yakin on the defensive Fabian Sher. In the attack, Noah Okafor must take care of him. The young man appears only for the second time in the first national team.

Goalkeeper: Jan Somer

defense: Ricardo RodriguezAnd Manuel AkanjiAnd Fabian SherAnd Sylvain Widmer

Midline: Denise ZakariaRemo Froller xherdan ShaqiriRobin Vargas Renato Stephen

Sturm: Noah Okafor

With this team the Swiss team wants a coup against Italy!

For their part, the Italians have to do without three experienced players. Acerbi plays in the center of defense for Chiellini, and Parilla replaces midfield strategist Verratti. Striker Belotti moves to the starting lineup for an immobile injured player.

The match kicks off at 8.45 pm.

What is the benefit of the Swiss national team against Italy?

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