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XXL Yarn Cushion Cover: This is how you make the trend yourself

XXL Yarn Cushion Cover: This is how you make the trend yourself

Simply knitted

The pillows are made with XXL yarn – we try our hand at loving DIY

In the “DIWhy” video format, Living Meret editor dares to tackle interesting DIY projects from the Internet. In this episode: A cushion cover knitted from extra thick yarn.


Merritt Steiger

Sarah Kamuchova


Living Editor Merritt knits a pillow with XXL yarn.

Knitting is a little old-fashioned, but there’s a special one that’s hugely popular on Tiktok: it’s knitted by hand instead of with needles — and with extra thick XXL yarn. The result is blankets and pillowcases in a jumbo cable pattern. Not only do they look pretty, but they are also very lovable. But is this really the truth? And how hard is this hand? We tried it, you can see the result in the video.

Knitting pillows from XXL yarn – that’s how it works

For this craft project, you will need an uncovered pillow and extra thick thread. The thread is not a classic thread, but a tube of fabric filled with cotton wool that provides the necessary volume – and it is especially soft. Attention: For our testing, we counted one ball of yarn per pillowcase. However, for a medium-sized pillow, one ball is not enough – you need at least two. That’s why our pillow is divided into two colors.

Hand knitting works basically like knitting with needles. For starters, start with simple loops until the loops are the same length as your pillow. Then you pull more through these loops on both sides. Then you can turn the part over, this will be the bottom on the inside of the pillow case. Now continue to pull the grommets through the grommets until the pillowcase is the desired height. To finish, it is important that you pull the thread through each individual loop again. Then you can hide the rest somewhere in the pillow.

Once the loops get stuck, they actually go really fast. The end result is not only very pretty, but also really comfortable. Important: The pad must be a certain size for the cable pattern to work.

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