What Samsung wants to do in the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra, Xiaomi has of course been able to do for a long time. In the next flagship smartphone, a camera will be used that can take mobile photography to a new level.


Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is expected to have a 200MP camera ميجا

Just yesterday we reported that Samsung was an instant messenger Galaxy S22 Ultra would like to install a 200MP camera. The South Korean company would have run away from the competition. To date, 108MP sensors are the maximum that are included in smartphones – from Samsung and Xiaomi. The duel enters a new round. If Samsung can install a 200MP camera in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, of course Xiaomi can in the Mi 12 Ultra as well. It’s supposed to be there Also, a 200-megapixel sensor user (source: Weibo Across GSMAs).

The big question is which of the two companies will introduce a smartphone with a 200MP sensor first. The Xiaomi Mi 11 was unveiled in China in December 2020. If the Chinese company sticks to the schedule, it can The first smartphone with this camera will be on Wednesday 12 December 2021. Samsung wants to present the Galaxy S22 series in January 2022. For Germany, only Wednesday 11 was announced in February 2021. So there could be an interesting duel between the manufacturers.

I Video You see the current flagship smartphone from Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is also planning cheaper smartphones

In addition to the Xiaomi Mi 12, the Chinese company is also planning for the Redmi Note 11 and Note 11 Pro, which will be technically upgraded so that it can continue to beat the middle class. There, the main camera’s image quality should be improved by a larger sensor. In addition, stronger processors should be used. However, other details are still missing. Xiaomi will with it Powerful alternatives to Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 that sells so well that The Galaxy A52 is currently hard to come by.

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