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XEL available soon!  This space-time sci-fi adventure will be released live in July 2022 for Nintendo Switch, Gütsel Online and OWL

XEL available soon! This space-time sci-fi adventure will be released live in July 2022 for Nintendo Switch, Gütsel Online and OWL

XEL will be here soon! This sci-fi adventure through space and time will be released in July for the Nintendo Switch. Photo: Assemble Entertainment GmbH

XEL available soon! This space-time sci-fi adventure will be released for the Nintendo Switch in July 2022

  • “Help the protagonist Red unravel the mystery of XEL”

Wiesbaden, June 21, 2022

# Publishers #association #entertainment Today releasing a new trailer and release date for Sci Fi Action Adventure XEL, which is being developed by Hamburg studio Tiny Roar! XEL will be available July 12 on Steam and GOG and July 14 on Nintendo Switch. # X-Box #series The X/S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4/5 will also appear in 2022 – but only then #computer And the #nintendo #convert Release.

XEL is an indie action-adventure game set in a mysterious world called XEL. Protagonist Red tries to unravel her mysterious past, collecting tools along the way to master challenging dungeons and solving challenging puzzles. The history of XEL is told in the new trailer for the cinematic story “Downfall”. More information about the XEL world and level design can be found in the new devlog “XEL Level Design Philosophy”. #steam. For those who can’t wait until July, there’s a free Steam demo showing the first 30 minutes of XEL.

Explore in XEL #player A mysterious and alive world full of puzzles and mysterious dungeons. In merciless battles against alien animals and robots, XEL . leads #a job #mafira Fans through an epic and warm storyline filled with fascinating locations and lovable characters, accompanied by an emotional soundtrack. XEL is about protagonist Red, whose ship is wrecked in a mysterious world and has no memories of the time before the collapse. Players accompany Red on her journey to unravel the mysteries of this strange world. XEL presents an enchanting and vibrant world with richly detailed environments and challenging dungeons in a top-down 3D action adventure format. During her adventure, Reid will meet charming characters, fight through hordes of robots, and use a variety of items and tools. The development is funded by BMVI.

About XEL

  • “Explore XEL’s dark past”

XEL is science fiction #3D Procedures #mafira, where you play Red, whose ship is wrecked in the XEL space world. With no memories of her past life, it is up to you to discover her past and her relationship with XEL. Arm yourself with sword and shield as you explore the outside world of XEL and immerse yourself in challenging dungeons filled with unexpected threats and intricate puzzles. Find clever tools and use your abilities to jump through space and time. As Red delves into the secrets of XEL, she finds an endless cycle of destruction. Will she be able to get out of it – and what will it cost?


  • A 3D action adventure through space and time
  • Explore the mysterious world of XEL and discover its dark past
  • A large living world and challenging dungeons are waiting to be explored and mastered
  • Help Red find out who she is and why they are stranded in this strange place
  • Brawl and fight your way through hordes of deformed robots and encounter the exotic wildlife of XEL
  • Jump through time, solve puzzles and use your arsenal of tools
  • Old #The school # Play Meets New School Features
  • A classic top-down 3D action adventure is waiting for you
  • XEL’s combat system provides dodges, dodges, and allows the use of different tools
  • Upgrade your equipment to deal more damage
  • Unique abilities allow you to jump through time to traverse previously inaccessible areas, or bend the rules of space and time at will
  • Dungeons and puzzles in XEL will not only challenge your wits, but your courage as well.
  • The world of XEL is waiting for you
  • Experience an immersive sci-fi story that focuses on narrative, combat, and puzzles
  • Meet unforgettable characters and engage in intelligent and charming dialogue
  • Explore the worlds distorted by time and learn what led to the fall of this strange world
  • Interact with your environment and NPCs
  • Timeless soundtrack and visuals
  • small handmade #In the #TeamXEL saves a living # my graphicas well as an immortal one #Audio recordingcomposed by Jeddon Wolfe