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XDefiant: Last-gen gamers looking into the abyss

XDefiant: Last-gen gamers looking into the abyss

XDefiant multiplayer is slated to launch sometime this summer. As Ubisoft has now announced, the last generation of gamers should be very powerful. Because the release is initially planned only for PC and PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X / S.

With the free-to-play XDefiant shooter, Ubisoft is unequivocally launching a massive attack on Call of Duty. Quick gunplay, short time to kill and classic online modes. The game wants to stand out a bit by integrating well-known Ubisoft brands. Factions are borrowed from Splinter Cell, The Division, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs, for example. After release, other groups will be added, and initially twelve weapons and 12 maps will be available.

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There’s still no set release date, but with summer 2023 there’s at least a rough plan for release. In addition, some testing and beta phases have already taken place, and Ubisoft is also planning a six-week intro season so you can warm up before getting down to business.

If you can’t bear to take the fight any longer, we might have bad news for you. As Ubisoft recently announced, XDefiant will initially only appear on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Last-gen versions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will come at a later date.

The studio is not currently providing a specific reason for this decision. But perhaps this is due to the fact that older versions of consoles need more fine-tuning. Certainly not an easy decision, but it must be necessary just because XDefiant offers a crossover. If some systems are underperforming, this has disadvantages in matches and creates a bad mood.

XDefiant – The video gives you an overview of the shooter

This video gives you an overview of Ubisoft’s new XDefiant shooter.