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Xbox Series S: Xbox Series S is traded at GameStop

Xbox Series S: Xbox Series S is traded at GameStop

In cooperation with GameStop, Microsoft launched a campaign in Germany to bring more Xbox Series S consoles into living rooms. From April 8 through May 5, 2022, the game retailer is inviting people to trade in old, used consoles for new Xbox — the extra amount you’ll have to pay for an upgrade, as usual at GameStop, varies by platform.

For example, if you brought a powerful Xbox One X 1 TB yet, you’d only have to pay 50 euros more, with a weaker Xbox One S 500 GB digital version, you’d have to pay $120. Cheapest way to access Xbox Series S (Away 274.99 at to buy), if you’re trading a PS4 Pro 1 TB, you’ll only have 20 euros. on Microsoft campaign websiteYou will find an overview, it is more specific in Jim Stop Depending on the exact details, the offer is valid in all GameStop stores during the promotion period, but only while stocks last.

If you’re still wondering if the Xbox Series mini version is enough for your needs, you can See our testwhere we came to a very positive conclusion – especially as part of the Xbox Game Pass ecosystem, the S series could be an interesting alternative.