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Xbox Game Pass: Call of Duty, Diablo & Co. will be included.  In the future

Xbox Game Pass: Call of Duty, Diablo & Co. will be included. In the future

Titled “Games for Everyone, Everywhere,” Microsoft has now confirmed its plans to bring major Activision brands to Game Pass in the future. There is also good news for fans of Call of Duty on PlayStation.

Because of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Call of Duty players in particular have gone black! They feared that the long-running shooter series would become an Xbox exclusive in the future and thus avoid PlayStation. In this regard, Microsoft is now offering everything, because in an open letter entitled “Games for everyone everywhere” Activision’s brand plans were presented in more detail.

Accordingly, in the future they also want to make Activision’s big brands like Call of Duty, Diablo or Overwatch available on Xbox or PC Game Pass. In the future, anyone with a subscription to the game will be able to play this main title without having to purchase a full copy as part of their monthly membership – often also presumably from the day of publication.

“Subscription services like Game Pass make games affordable and help gamers around the world find their next favorite game,” says Phil Spencer. “As a result, we intend to make popular Activision Blizzard games – including Overwatch, Diablo and Call of Duty – available on Game Pass and thus grow their gaming communities. By providing more value to players, we hope to allow Game Pass to continue to grow and make More attractive for mobile devices, too.”

The biggest focus on the mobile sector is Microsoft’s second starting point, along with Game Pass, to cash in on Activision’s acquisition. In addition to boosting Game Pass and the mobile area, you don’t want to pull Call of Duty from PlayStation, for example. Instead, Microsoft is committed to “making the same version of Call of Duty available on PlayStation the same day the game is released elsewhere.”

Continuing to make titles available on other platforms and devices is ultimately in the interest of gamers, which is what Microsoft wants to focus on in this regard. This has already been successfully practiced with Minecraft.

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