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Xbox cloud gaming service now for iOS and PC

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Available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members for iPhone, iPad, and Windows 10 via browser

Systems: Xbox cloud gaming service now for iOS and PC (Photo:

Systems: Xbox cloud gaming service now for iOS and PC (Photo:

Redmond (pte011 / 6/29/2021 / 10:30) – Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming service Now available on iOS devices. Depending on the combination, access is via Safari or Edge. After an invite-only beta test that began in mid-April, Microsoft has rolled out its Xbox cloud gaming service to all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on iOS and PC. With the start of the open beta, these users can visit the xCloud website and play some of the games in the Game Pass library via their browser.

Playable faster games

On PC, the service supports Edge and Chrome, while on iOS it can be accessed via Safari. In addition, a controller can be used via Bluetooth or USB to play the built-in games. Microsoft also announced that it’s now using Xbox Series X dedicated hardware to power the xCloud experience. Thanks to the new hardware, those with a fast enough internet connection can play games in 1080p resolution and up to 60 frames per second.

At the same time, Microsoft is expanding the Designed for Xbox program with Backbone One and Razer Kishium with two iOS controllers. With the new badge, both consoles will be usable with a three-month free trial of Game Pass Ultimate for those who haven’t tried the service yet. In order to make xCloud available on iOS devices, Microsoft had to remove a number of hurdles. Apple refused, citing guidelines from the App Store Only approve game streaming apps on their devices. The company later allowed an exception so that these apps run via a browser.