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WWE “NXT:UK #208” 08/11/2022 Results & Report from London, England, UK (Including Highlight Videos & Voting)


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WWE “NXT:UK” #208
Venue: BT Sports Studios in London, England, UK
First telecast: August 11, 2022

Highlight video of the show:

NXT UK kicks off this week with a regular show debut. In the hall, commentators Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the new edition of NXT UK. The match for the vacant NXT United Kingdom Championship begins today. Ilja Dragunov had to relinquish his title without a fight and will be out for months. In the first match of the evening, Oliver Carter meets Charlie Dempsey. However, Carter goes into this match weak. He injured his knee last week when “the family” attacked him.

1. Competition
Singles Tournament – First round of the NXT United Kingdom Championship Tournament
Oliver Carter defeated Charlie Dempsey (w/ Theoman & Rohan Raja) by pin via roll-in.
Match Time: 09:11

This qualified Oliver Carter for the second round of the NXT United Kingdom Championship match. There he meets Trent Seven or Wolfgang.

Last week, chaos broke out in the NXT UK main event. Blair Davenport ruined the real main event and got a change to fight for a title match against Isla Dawn. However, Amale and Eliza Alexander interfered in the match. A fight then breaks out and the cameras follow the women backstage. There, an angry Scala makes it clear that neither woman will win the title match.

Tyler Pate was intercepted. Looking forward to tonight’s main event with great interest. Sid Scala comes in and asks Pete not to interfere in today’s main event. Tyler accepts the condition, but makes it clear that he will take the title. Nobody can do anything.

2. Competition
Singles match
Eliza Alexander defeated Thea Hale (w/ André Chase & Bodhi Hayward) via pin after a knee strike.
Match Time: 04:11

Amale is a guest on The Nina Samuels Show. Samuels wants to know how Amale feels after losing to Blair Davenport. However, Amale does not want to indulge in these temptations. She is willing to face any woman to get a title match against Meiko Satomura.

“Chase University” is using his time in England to teach the Superstars in NXT UK something. Eddie will not allow a ‘wannabe university’ to disrupt the tennis course and spoil the integrity of the real universities in England. Andre Chase considers this moment a “teachable moment.” Eddie Dennis could compete in the ring against Saxon Huxley.

3. Competition
Singles match
Sam Gradwell defeated Theoman (w/ Rohan Raja) with a pin from the Michinoku Driver.
Match Time: 05:41
-Rohan Raja interfered in the match several times. For this he was banned from the hall by the umpire.

Wolfgang and Trent Seven are getting ready for today’s main event!

NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Mark Coffey is in the office at Sid Scala. Suddenly, Nom Dar walks in and demands him to rematch. After all, he is the greatest NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion of all time. Coffey has no problem putting his title on the line. Scala will accept and do everything to make this match official.

Expect a match between Mark Andrews and Joe Coffey next week. Kenny Williams and Tyler Pate also meet. Both matches were part of the NXT United Kingdom Championship tournament.

4. Competition
Singles Tournament – First round of the NXT United Kingdom Championship Tournament
Trent Seven defeated Wolfgang via pin after the Burning Hammer.
Match Time: 08:56

Trent Seven meets Oliver Carter in the semi-finals of the NXT United Kingdom Championship. With Trent Seven victorious, today’s edition of NXT UK went off air.


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