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WWE “NXT:UK #207” 08/04/2022 Results & Report from London, England, UK (including highlight videos & voting)


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WWE NXT: UK #207
Venue: BT Sports Studios in London, England, UK
First Air: August 04, 2022

Highlight video of the event:

NXT UK kicks off this week with a regular show debut. In the hall, commentators welcome us to a jam-packed edition. Meiko Satomura defends her NXT UK Women’s Championship against Surrey. We hear music from NXT United Kingdom Champion Ilja Draguno. He comes to the ring on crutches. Last week he successfully defended his title against Wolfgang. It looks like the champion is injured. Once in the ring, he addresses this injury. He has sustained a serious injury to his ankle. Dragunov fought to the end because this title meant a lot to him. Being NXT UK Champion means you fight with pride and intensity. Dragunov wants to keep fighting, but he doesn’t get ring permission. In this regard, Ilja Dragunov must relinquish his NXT United Kingdom Championship. But he didn’t want to let it down. Dragunov was completely unrepentant. Pieces of his soul lie in this ring, and his goal is to inspire people through his will. He likes to underline that, despite the grief, he is defeated by no one but himself. The holder of this title is only hot for Ilya Dragunov. With these words, Dragunov places the title in the middle of the ring and kneels before it. Then Ilja Dragunov retired to great applause.

“Chase University” is a guest in England and you can see some recordings of their journey through London. The team will appear on NXT UK. Arriving at the Performance Center, the group meets Shaw Samuels. The latter is bankrupt and ready to be cheered on by Bodhi Hayward. But Samuels is not interested and prefers to manage on his own.

NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint and his assistant Sid Scala discuss the future of the NXT United Kingdom Championship. Eight superstars will compete in a match to determine the new champion. We will find participants in the course of this program.

1. Competition
Singles match
Oliver Carter defeated Rohan Raja (w/ Teoman & Charlie Dempsey) by pin with a spinning heel kick.
Match Time: 05:26

After the match, “The Family” immediately attacked Oliver Carter. It cannot resist the majority and is accordingly executed by three men. Several officers run into the ring to prevent further damage.

Thea Hail talks about her best time at Chase University. She is interrupted by Eliza Alexander. Disgusted with superstars like Hail. She doesn’t let it steal the spotlight, but uses it to make a statement.

After the match the “family” is proud of the actions. Daemon is approached about this, and he reminds her that “the family” always has a backup plan. Sam Gradwell comes in and makes it clear to him that such actions have consequences. Theoman smiles at Gradwell and steps back.

2. Competition
Singles match
Shaw Samuels defeated Bodhi Hayward (w/ André Chase & Thea Hail) by pin after a spinebuster.
Match Time: 04:44

Oliver Carter is backstage with a doctor examining his knee. Obviously, it’s a little disconnected. Sid Scala joins in to deliver good news. Carter is represented in the tournament and gets a shot at the title. His first round match is next week. It’s a short notice, but Carter is determined to be fit enough to compete by then.

We revisit the events at the beginning of the show. It has the following effects. Eight superstars will fight for the title in one match. It starts next week. Trent Seven meets Wolfgang. Charlie Dempsey deals with Oliver Carter. The next pair will be in two weeks. Joe Coffey takes on Mark Andrews and Tyler Pate takes on Kenny Williams.

It’s time for our main event! However, we hear Blair Davenport’s music. She has some news for us. Today’s contenders have had some difficulties in the form of Davenport. It feels neglected by Satomura. Sid Scala is about to interrupt her, but Blair continues to talk about how she should be the deserving NXT UK Women’s Champion. Next comes Amale. She didn’t feel like Davenport. You should create a topic match. Elisa Alexandra also wants to get rid of something. As long as she’s in NXT UK, no one but her will get a title match. Davenport almost went into the ring, not wanting to hear anything more. But suddenly Isla Dawn is behind her and she has no memory of being defeated by Davenport. Scala needs to be improved. We need a major event. Dan and Davenport had already moved on. The two face off in a #1 contender match!

3. Competition
Singles Match – #1 Contender’s Match for the Future NXT UK Women’s Championship against Meiko Satomura
Blair Davenport vs. Isla Dawn’s match ended in a no contest due to Eliza Alexander’s interference.
Match Time: 07:16

Amale Davenport storms into the ring and a huge brawl breaks out between the four women. There is complete chaos in the loop that has dragged through the entire show. Several officials cordoned off the rink to maintain order. The attempt was unsuccessful and today’s edition of NXT UK did not air with these images.


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