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WWE “NXT: UK # 198” Results & Reports (including highlighted videos & voting) from London, UK, UK on 06/02/2022

WWE “NXT: UK # 198” Results & Reports (including highlighted videos & voting) from London, UK, UK on 06/02/2022


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WWE “NXT: UK” # 198
Venue: BT Sports Studios in London, UK, UK
First broadcast: June 02, 2022

Highlight video of the show:

NXT UK This week begins with a preview of the NXT UK Tag Team Championship Triple Thread Tournament. Mustache Mountain “The Family” and Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter must defend their titles against the surrounding team. “NXT 2.0” sent some US delegates to “NXT UK”. The fight was recorded today and was settled between Sam Gratwell and Van Wagner.

1. Competition
Singles competition
Van Wagner won against Sam Gratwell through the back after a slam variation.
Match time: 06:48

Another win for Wagner after coming to England.

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter are making the final preparations for the big title match tonight.

Zia Brooksite and Eliza Alexander have been in good spirits since their continued success. Amale did not shudder at the way the two women behaved. Accordingly, she challenges Eliza to a match. But the whole thing has to be fair.

Ivy Nile NXT made a good impact in the UK. He challenged Meiko Satomura to a match and will receive it next week.

Mark Andrews was questioned about his match against Kenny Williams. However, the interview was interrupted because Williams wanted to handle the tires on Andrews’ car. A fight erupts immediately and the officers have to separate the two. In the background you can finally see the man wearing a mask again.

Theoman and Rohan Raja are also getting ready for the main event.

Stevie Turner wants to take the first step in the right direction tonight. The future belongs to Stevie Turner!

2. Competition
Singles competition
Stevie Turner defeated Angel Hayes by back after the Mass Effect.
Match time: 04:05

Emilia McKenzie wants to apologize to her mentor Satomura for her performance against the Lash Legend. Satomura does not want to apologize, but wants to use the opportunity to learn from failures.

The NXT UK tag team champions slowly make their way into the ring. It’s time for the main event!

Kenny Williams and Mark Andrews are set to clash next week. Also, Meiko Satomura will defend his NXT UK Women’s Championship against Ivy Nile.

Shaw Samuels and Noam Dor both know each other so well and talk behind the scenes about how bigger their friendship is than Damon Kemp and Wolfgang.

3. Competition
NXT UK Tag Team Championship
Triple Thread Tag Team Match
Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter beat Mustache Mountain (Trend Seven & Tyler Bad) (c) and The Family (Rohan Raja & Theoman) behind Ashton Smith in Trend Seven. -> Title change!
Match time: 14:17
-Trent tried to hit Smith with a seven belt. Pat stopped this, and then he was kicked out. Seven then rolled up and the titles were gone.

This takes us to the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions! So Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter can finally crown themselves new champions and celebrate this with fanfare. The problems between Bat and Seven finally took their toll. To the shock of the former champions, today’s edition of NXT UK airs.


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