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WWE “NXT: UK # 186” Results & Reports from London, UK, UK on 03/10/2022 (including highlighted videos & voting)

WWE “NXT: UK # 186” Results & Reports from London, UK, UK on 03/10/2022 (including highlighted videos & voting)


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WWE “NXT: UK # 186
Venue: BT Sports Studios in London, UK, UK
First broadcast: March 10, 2022

Highlight video of the show:

Today’s edition begins with the promotional video for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship match between Nom Dar and Joe Coffee. The two have been at loggerheads for weeks, and today’s major event finally sees the long-awaited title match. The commentators greet us and we are immediately behind the scenes at Charlie Dempsey. He was asked where the rest of the “family” was. He replied that he did not need any help for his upcoming match. Tonight his rival will make his NXT 2.0 debut next week: A-Kid!

1. Competition
Singles competition
Charlie Dempsey defeated A-Kit by submitting at Will and Arrow.
Match time: 12:31
– Rohan Raja intervened during the match and weakened the A-horizontal, he could not escape submission in the ring.

We see Sid Scala in his office. Next week NXT UK will welcome a guest from the US. Wolfgang wants to come and finally get a suitable opponent. This is perfect for Scala. Wolfgang meets Rodriguez Strong next week!

Two weeks ago, NXT UK women’s champion Meiko Satomura was celebrated for her achievements. However, the ceremony was interrupted by Isla Tan. He made his ambitions clear by demanding a championship match. The match will take place in two more weeks.

Alia James asks her opinion about the title match. She is interrupted by Stevie Turner, who can not believe that anyone cares about James’ opinion. Turner is very upset that no one contacted him for an interview.

2. Competition
Tag Team Match
Symbiosis (Tyson D-Phone & Primate w / Eddie Tennis) Jones defeated Morrell & Danny Jones by Jones by On Primate after diving headbutt.
Match time: 06:06

When the match is over, the wild boar suddenly comes into the ring and begins to beat the members of the symbiosis with a chair! Then he wants to catch tennis, but T-Bone & Primate can save him just in time.

The new edition of The Nina Samuels Show follows. Today he has Emilia McKenzie as a guest, but he is a little annoyed by this “Wannape Dog Show”. A woman like Nina Samuels has no time for McKenzie and then disappears again. Samuels was not ready for such an answer, and was speechless.

Discussions on the outcome of the NXT UK Tag Team Championship continue this week. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter want their rematch soon. Mustache Mountain proposes two singles matches. Tyler Pat vs Oliver Carter and Trent Seven vs Ashton Smith. After that, it will be considered whether the championship match will take place again.

3. Competition
NXT United Kingdom Heritage Cup Championship
2-Out-3 Falls Match – British Round Rules
Noam Dar (W / Shaw Samuels) defeated Joe Coffey (W / Mark Coffee) 2-1.
Match time: 13:14
– Joe Coffee beat Nom Dora by a pin after sending Glasgow in Round 2.
– Noam defeated Joe Coffee by back through a roll-in in Dar Round 3.
– Noam defeated Joe Coffee by back after Nova Roller in Dar Round 5.

Nomdar leaves with the small help of his friend Shaw Samuels, the NXT UK Heritage Cup champion. The two superstars celebrate in the ring, with Joe frustrated in the corner of the coffee ring and processing his defeat. Today’s NXT UK magazine does not broadcast with these images.


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