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WWE “NXT: UK # 185” Results & Report (including highlighted videos & voting) from London, UK, UK on 03/03/2022


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WWE “NXT: UK # 185
Venue: BT Sports Studios in London, UK, UK
First Broadcast: March 03, 2022

The packed NXT UK edition is waiting for us this week, including the NXT United Kingdom Championship match between Ilja Dragunov and Nathan Frazer. An exaggerated main event opens with a video presentation followed by Andy Shepherd and Nigel McKinnys welcoming us to the new episode of NXT UK!

1. Competition
Singles competition
Mark Kofi defeated Shaw Samuels by back after a running elbow strike.
Match time: 07:41

Next week, Noam Dar and Joe Coffee meet at the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship.

We look at A-Kid training at the UK Performance Center. Charlie Dempsey interrupted him and told him to talk. It turns into a trap and the A-Kit is attacked by the “family”. Satisfied, the superstars retire and the kit is handled by the authorities.

Isla Dawn erupted in celebration of Meiko Satomura last week. In one video, she now threatens to free Satomura from the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Mustache Mountain defeated Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith last week and successfully defended their NXT UK Tag Team Championship. However, there was a controversial result that will now be shown again. Oliver Carter’s leg was on the ring for Ashton Smith’s important card, but Trent Seven intervened and put it back on the ring mat. This week, the current champion will be approached by challengers in this regard. Tyler Bad & Trend Seven has no problem giving Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith another chance. The superstars shake hands respectfully and walk away separately.

2. Competition
Tag Team Match
Jack Stars & Dave Mastiff defeated Freddie Deadly (Sam Stoker & Louise Howley) by a pin on Sam Stoker by Power Snake’s Jack Stars.
Match time: 10:35

Xia Brookside is behind the scenes. She calls her father and expects his help. Apparently Xia received a positive message because she could not stop laughing.

We see a video of a man looking around in a forest somewhere. An animal sounds and the mysterious man sees a set of teeth.

Noam Dar and Joe Coffey talk about next week’s NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship. Also, Charlie Dempsey and A-Kid collide.

3. Competition
NXT United Kingdom Championship
Singles competition
Ilja Dragunov (c) won by a pin against Nathan Fraser after a torpedo Moscow.
Match time: 14:40

Ilza Dragunov successfully defended his title in a good match against Nathan Fraser. Champion shakes hands with Fraser as a sign of respect. Dragunov stretches out his belt, and today’s version of NXT UK ends with these pictures.


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