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WWE “NXT: UK # 176” Results & Reports from London, UK, United Kingdom from December 16, 2021

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WWE „NXT: UK # 176
Venue: BT Sports Studios in the United Kingdom, London, England
First Broadcast: December 16, 2021

Highlight video for the show:

This week marks the launch of the NXT UK show and commentators welcome us to the new edition. The # 1 competitors match for the Heritage Cup Championship between A-Kid and Nathan Frazer is waiting for us at today’s main event. Joe Coffee and Charlie Dempsey will open the evening. The latter joins the “family” of Theoman and Rohan Raja.

1. Competition
Singles competition
Charlie Dempsey won against Joe Coffee by a refereeing stop at Chockhold.
Match time: 12:28
-During the match, Raja and Theoman intervened. Callus then joins them, and Dempsey uses this distraction to sip coffee against the ring staircase.

The “family” forms the first sign of this enmity.

Mustache Mountain beat Freddie Deadley last week to win the NXT UK Tag Team Championship. Sid Scala already has some news for us in this regard. Challenger # 1 will be determined by the Elimination Tournament. Here the partnership meets Aston Smith and Oliver Carter. Then there is “Family” and a match between Jack Stars and Dave Mastiff. These matches will be held in three and four weeks respectively.

We watch the promotional video for Jordan Devlin. We get an insight into his daily life as a superstar, hero and handsome man.

The new tag team champions will comment next on their title success. Both superstars are in a good mood, each holding a microphone. Trent Seven talks about last week’s incredible match and evening. After a long wait, Mustache Mountain is back with the Tag Team Champions! Seven agree, however, that he doubted he could do it again. Serious defeats against Grizzled Young Veterans or Pretty Deadly. Seven in particular wondered where his career would have gone. After all, no one can tell you how much time you have in this business. But as long as he has the titles and the fans stand behind him, he will move on after giving up all seven. Tyler Bad admits that Pretty Deadley is a fierce opponent. But the hard work paid off and both were first two-time tag team champions in NXT UK! Not only that, but Tyler Bad is the first NXT United Kingdom champion. He is the NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion and is now again the NXT UK Tag Team Champion. This makes Tyler Bat the first NXT UK Triple Crown Champion! In the end, they can only thank everyone who has always had faith in the team. They will enjoy the time until the next topic defense, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter discuss the Elimination Series. They both don’t want to name any New Year’s resolutions, but make it clear that it’s time to get their tag team belts.

In three weeks, Meiko Satomura will defend his NXT UK Women’s Championship against Blair Davenport. When the two women comment on the title match, it becomes clear that the two women respect each other. But Davenport is convinced that he will defeat Satomura.

Before the next match, Kenny Williams prepared a few words for us. He is not in the mood for a match with Danny Jones, but a match with Mark Andrews. He asks Andrews, but it doesn’t work today. In the end, Williams decided to play with Jones and the referee rang the bell.

2. Competition
Singles competition
Kenny Williams won by back against Danny Jones after a bad luck finisher.
Match time: 03:50

After the match, Williams asks Mark Andrews again and threatens to look for him if he does not show himself.

Eddie Tennis promises that 2022 will be a successful year for Symbiosis and will bring great pain to his opponents.

Something happened behind the scenes during the break. Kenny Williams finds and attacks Mark Andrews. In this, Andrews’ hand was injured.

Finally it’s time for the evening’s main event!

3. Competition
2-Out-3 False Match – British Rounds Rules – # 1 Competitor Match
A-Kit beat Nathan Fraser 2-1.
Match time: 12:05
Nathan Fraser won by a pin over the A-Kid after the scooter in the 2nd round.
-A-Kid wins by back after a flying super kick in the 4th round against Nathan Fraser.
-A-Kid Octopus won against Nathan Fraser by submitting in Round 5 on the stretch.

This makes A-Kid the new number one challenge for the Nom Darin NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship. Today’s edition of NXT UK will not air with these images. Next week will be the Christmas Special.


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