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WWE “NXT: UK # 174” Results & Reports from London, UK, United Kingdom from December 2, 2021

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WWE „NXT: UK # 174
Venue: BT Sports Studios in London, UK, UK
First Broadcast: December 2, 2021

Highlight video for the show:

Today NXT UK brings us the NXT United Kingdom Championship match between Ilza Dragunov and Rampage Brown. A video summarizes the fight again, after which commentators from this new edition from London greet us.

1. Competition
NXT UK Women’s Championship
Singles competition
Meiko Satomura (c) won by back against Sia Brookside after Scorpio Rising.
Match time: 07:58

Meiko Satomura may be celebrated after the match, while Xia was very disappointed.

After Charlie Dempsey intervened against Callus in support of Theoman & King, it is now the last addition to the family. With this move, Dempsey wants to push his life in the right direction in NXT UK.

Behind the scenes, Miko Sadomura makes it clear to us that he is going to fly to Japan for a few weeks now to rest. The player listens to the Davenport conversation and asks Emilia McKenzie what he would do without Satomura. McKenzie has a clear answer. She challenges Davenport to a match that was graciously accepted.

2. Competition
Singles competition
Saxon Huxley won by back after a violent slam against Kenny Williams.
Match time: 08:16
– Kenny Williams was distracted by the music of subculture. Huxley used this to win.

Behind the scenes for NXT UK Heritage Cup champion Nom Dar, Shaw Samuels shows some potential opponents. Sam Gratwell is at the bottom of this list, and of course the superstar does not like it. So he challenges Shaw Samuels to a match so he can show why his name should be at the top of the list.

Next week there is a match between player Davenport and Emilia McKenzie in NXT UK. Pretty Deadley defending their NXT UK Tag Team Championship against Mustache Mountain. In this regard, a few weeks ago we were shown a hype video featuring the highlights of the title match between the two teams. Trent Seven & Tyler Pad are more motivated and want to defend the title this time around.

3. Competition
NXT United Kingdom Championship
Singles competition
Ilza Dragunov (c) won against Rambage Brown by refereeing, as Brown was unable to continue the match after an encyclopedia.
Match time: 08:51

Ilya Dragunov is defending his title, but he is not satisfied with the way he won. The referee may hand over his title to Ilia and celebrate him. Brown is being treated by doctors outside the ring and is operating a little closer to him. Today’s version of NXT UK will not air with these images.


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