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WWE “NXT: UK # 169” Results & Reports from London, UK, United Kingdom from October 28, 2021

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WWE „NXT: UK # 169
Venue: BT Sports Studios in the United Kingdom, London, England
First Broadcast: October 28, 2021

Highlight video for the show:

The Heritage Cup match between Tyler Bad and Noam Dor is waiting for us at NXT UK this week. We watch a short promotional video for the said match and then let’s start the action in the ring.

1. Competition
Singles competition
Mark Coffee (W / Wolfgang) wins against Rohan King (w / Teoman) after a flying suit.
Match time: 05:55

After the match, Callus celebrated their victory, but the joy was interrupted by the attack of the losers. Raja & Theoman Wolfgang & Mark will not leave the coffee until the authorities come and intervene.

Tyler Bat is slowly preparing to defend his title tonight.

Sitskala Announces Triple Thread Tag Team Tournament for NXT UK Tag Team Title # 1 Competitors. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter meet Symbiosis and Dave Mastiff & Jack Stars. The match will take place in two more weeks.

Charlie Dempsey is asked behind the scenes for an interview, but is interrupted again by Callus, who is looking for Theoman and Rohan King out loud.

2. Competition
Singles competition
Amale won by back after a Blatter slam against Myla Grace.
Match time: 03:49
– Blair Davenport came out during the match and watched the action up close.

Noam Dor also warmed up in the Heritage Cup match against Tyler Pat.

Alia James defeated Xia Brooks last week and wants to comment on her success today. However, the interview was interrupted by Nina Samuels. She wants to ask her some questions, but James doesn’t like it, so she leaves Samuels alone.

Flash Morgan Webster is looking for another victim for his slapped suits. He chose Rampage Brown, but he knew what Webster was doing and could block the room. Brown was outraged by this, and made it clear that he had no problem putting Webster aside for a match if he wanted to.

3. Competition
Singles competition
Charlie Dempsey won against Danny Jones by submitting an Armlock Camel Clutch combination.
Match time: 04:53

Next week we look at the NXT UK Women’s Championship match between Meiko Satomura and Ginny. Following this, a hype video about the match was commented on by Ginny and Satomura. Both women are motivated and want to win the competition.

The video for Isla Dawn is shown. Over the past few weeks and months she has taken some treasures from her enemies and locked them in her chest.

It’s time for today’s main event. A map with statistics of the two superstars is shown.

4. Competition
NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship
2-Out-3 Falls Match – British Round Rules
Nom Dar (W / Shaw Samuels) won 2-1 over Tyler Bad (C) (W / Trent Seven) -> Title change
Match time: 14:47
-Nom Dar wins against Tyler Pat in the 3rd round after the Nova Roller.
In the 4th round Tyler Driver won after ’93 against Noam Dar by Tyler Bat Pin.
-Nom Dar won against Tyler Pete by a referee stop after throwing a piece.
– The NXT UK tag team champions came out creating a distraction. Trent Seven wanted to chase both of them, after which a melee ensued, with Seven throwing his white piece into the ring. Seeing this as a sign of work, the referee called off the match.

After the match, not everyone involved could believe it. Noam Dar is the new NXT UK Heritage Cup champion and he can be celebrated accordingly. Today’s edition of NXT UK rebroadcasts the controversial scene.


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