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WSATools returns: Microsoft apologizes for kicking out

Microsoft had WSATools, an APK installer app for the Android subgenre of Windows 11, recently from the Microsoft Store. Now there is a bend. The app is back and Microsoft is in touch with the developer.

The application creates a solution for a file Android Subsystem Windows 11 is easy to use with apps not available through the Amazon App Store. Microsoft announced the option to install Android apps on the Windows desktop for Windows 11, but with obvious limitations. To get around this, wise developer Simone Franco has introduced an app to install Android apps, which are available as APK packages, on PC with just a few clicks. This allows you to run a lot more than the apps that Microsoft officially supports as of now.

The app is back in the store

Franco made the app freely available through the Microsoft Store, but he didn’t expect his app in any way to conflict with the Store’s guidelines. Microsoft first released the apps then later Back a few days without explanation. But now there’s good news – because the app is back in the Store and Microsoft has also announced itself to Franco. Details about this were not disclosed, but Franco posted some information on Twitter. he wrote:

“Microsoft just wrote me a really satisfactory email with all the reasons for removing WSATools and ??mail with clear suggestions and how to easily solve it and get the app approved 🙂 That was great! Thank you!”

WSATool has been removed “properly”

The app now has a second chance. Microsoft may have also explained why the tool was “properly” removed. Additionally, you’ll probably want to talk to Franco about the changes he needs so that the app can be fully accessed again.

According to Franco, the app is currently only accessible via “Download private link. The app does not appear in search, so it is removed from the search index, but it is easily accessible to anyone with the link.

WSATools: an installer for the Android subsystem
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