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Wow: Blizzard prohibits the promotion of communities!

Wow: Blizzard prohibits the promotion of communities!

The boosters and their very annoying ads across all trade chats and group search tool are annoying to most WoW players – As our editor said in his recent controversy column. But the officials at Blizzard didn’t really care for long. With lukewarm means, they have only taken action against and blocked some types of ads, for example, in the mass search tool. However, actual boosting is still allowed – unless done with real money. This has an end now. Well, at least in part.

In a new forum post, the developers have now announced an amendment to the End User License Agreement (EULA). It states that all Enhanced Communities are prohibited with immediate effect and in violation of the EULA.

Anyone offering Boost as an organization or community, whether for real money or gold, is now violating the guidelines and facing a penalty. This can extend to permanent account closure.

Strengthen the guilds that are not affected (yet).

However, the developers clearly distinguish between promoting communities specialized in such services and guilds or individual players. say in detail

This policy update does not limit individuals or guilds from using the tools provided within the game (the ‘Commerce Channel’ conversation) to buy or sell in-game items or activities with in-game currency. However, ‘Promoting Communities’, particularly those operating in multiple worlds They are no longer allowed.”

In simple language, this means that if your guild takes someone away for a few gold coins now and then, that’s okay. However, it is forbidden to run everything commercially through different servers.

Hopefully the annoying ad issue will now be decreasing slowly but surely. At least if Blizzard is now also cracking down on abuse. It seems that the developers intend to do so. Because at the end of the statement, they advise all organizations to stop their activities immediately if they want to continue to get into the game. What do you think Mike Ybarra will do in the evening in the future?

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You can find the full statement below. At the end we also have the German translation for you.

As the conditions under which different entities operate in World of Warcraft change (Buy now )We are forced to update our policies to further our goal of making the gaming experience as fair and welcoming as possible. Since our last policy update, we’ve found that a growing disruption to the gaming experience is caused by organizations that over-advertise on various non-traditional in-game services.

Starting today, we will now ban organizations that provide reinforcement, matchmaking, escrow or other non-traditional services, including those offered in exchange for gold. World of Warcraft accounts found to be in violation of this policy are subject to account actions. These actions can include warnings, account suspension and, if necessary, permanent closure of the disabled World of Warcraft account(s). Organizations operating in multiple industries and excessive advertising of non-traditional in-game sales conflict with the terms and conditions of Blizzard’s End User License Agreement (EULA).

This Policy Update does not limit individuals or guilds from using in-game tools (“Commerce Channel Chat”) to buy or sell in-game items or activities with in-game currency. However, it is no longer allowed to “strengthen communities”, especially those who work across multiple domains.

We urge all of these organizations to cease doing business in World of Warcraft immediately, in order to maintain uninterrupted access to the game.