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Would Perez give Red Bull the victory?

Would Perez give Red Bull the victory?

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Would Perez give Red Bull the victory?

Going back to the past, of course, this cannot be said with certainty. What is clear, however, is that the Mexican was too late yesterday to help Verstappen up front. The Dutchman himself notes that, too. “In the end, I always fight alone,” he shrugs, explaining in relation to Mercedes: “You can easily stop again because there is a gap behind you.”

BACKGROUND: Yesterday, Red Bull decided, among other things, against the second hiatus as that would mean Verstappen would have been trailing Bottas. This wasn’t a problem for Mercedes because Perez was too late. If the Mexican was in the lead, “at least they wouldn’t be able to stand the second time around,” says Verstappen. Then Hamilton had to get over the same strategy.

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Row drivers now!

And race winner Lewis Hamilton became the official driver yesterday. With us, of course, you once again have the opportunity to rate the pilots on their performance this weekend. And our school scores often produce a result completely different from the official vote. During the day, there will be first driver marks from the editorial staff and then later our great overall rating!

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All the best!

Congratulations out to Nick Heidfeld! Today the German celebrates his forty-fourth birthday. Kwikkik has reached the podium 13 times in his Formula 1 career. He holds the record for most podiums without a win to this day. Additionally, Heidfeld has had some well-known colleagues over the course of his career, which he talks about in this photo series:

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Monaco: Will it be decided in the qualifiers?

This is what Helmut Marco predicted on “Heaven”. The Austrian said: You have a good chance there “if we keep our strength in the qualifiers.” “If you are in the front in Monaco, then you are in the front. There is no transgression. That is hope,” he explains. However, it must be remembered at this point that even though Verstappen was in first place in Bahrain – in the three races that followed, he always owned a Mercedes.

So, even if Red Bull does have an advantage in qualifying: you have to apply it.

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Why Monaco could be Red Bull

As promised, we want to look forward to the next race. Andrew Scheuflin of Mercedes explains, “On paper, I think so [Monaco] Red Bull must be lying more of us. Background: “We are [in Barcelona] Filled with our strap for maximum downforce. We saw it on their car on Friday, but they didn’t use it in the race. “

Therefore, the Red Bull has more downforce than Mercedes in the back. And in Monaco, there are three things that are especially important: down force, down force, and down force again. Nevertheless, Schuvelin hopes: “We had a good pace here at the slow corners and that is usually a good indicator for Monaco.” Even with the best deal, Monaco is “very difficult to win”.

“If we weren’t the fastest, we’d try to make life difficult for them,” said Schuvelin.

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Horner: You need both cars in front

The Red Bull boss also thinks maybe it could have been different with Perez up front yesterday. “It was like that [nach dem zweiten Stopp] Just overtake a teammate. Of course, this was not a problem, “he says, pointing to Hamilton and explaining:” That is why we need strategically both cars in the front so that Mercedes does not have that choice. “

Perez’s race was already affected badly after the poor qualification. On Sunday, Ricardo got stuck here at McLaren for quite some time. “We badly need it in this gap [hinter Verstappen und Hamilton]So Mercedes doesn’t have the strategic options that they have [im Rennen] Horner, who was “convinced” that Perez would run it too, said.

Just yesterday it didn’t work.

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7:00 pm: The Great Spain Grand Prix Live broadcast

Yesterday was Kevin Shoren and our editor-in-chief Christian Niemerful Analyze the race of German pilots. Today Christian and Stefan Ellen take themselves on YouTube channel (subscribe now!) Also the rest of the area! It starts at 7:00 PM, and you can actually read the column of the same name here.

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New week, new luck!

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our Formula 1 live tape. The successive races in Portugal and Spain are behind us, and we want to look back in the coming days, but also look forward to the next race in Monaco in two weeks’ time. The focus, of course, is on the World Cup duel between Red Bull and Mercedes.

Robin Carpenter He accompanies you again during the day and if you have any questions, suggestions or complaints you can use our contact form as usual. You can also find us on The social networking site FacebookAnd the TwitterAnd the Instagram And the YoutubeAnd if you have any questions, you can also use the hashtag #FragMST Twitter. We start again today with our video analysis of yesterday’s race by Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher.

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