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World Cup hero Andy Obst is based on the “Avengers” from USA

World Cup hero Andy Obst is based on the “Avengers” from USA

Six months ago, German basketball players eliminated the United States on their way to World Cup gold, a victory that had far-reaching consequences for Andreas Obst.

The Bayern Munich professional said the coup had caused such ripples “that the United States is now bringing the Avengers to the Olympics.” Sports1. Obst was the winner in the semifinal match against the NBA Stars with 24 points.

“It won't be easy against a team like the United States, with the squad looming on the horizon,” said the sharpshooter, who is likely to have a place in national coach Gordon Herbert's Olympic squad. The tentative lineup for the United States includes LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers), Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers), and Kevin Durant (Phoenix Suns).

Because of his World Cup appearance, a question arose as to whether Obst could also play in the NBA. “This is extra. Something I never expected. If this dream comes true at some point, I will be thrilled.” In Serge Ibaka (34), the 27-year-old in Munich has a teammate with plenty of NBA experience. “How he showed himself here, how professional he was,” Obst praised, “was impressive.” Overall, Bayern's squad is “very well equipped”.