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World Cup 2022: The match for third place between Croatia and Morocco in the live broadcast tape

World Cup 2022: The match for third place between Croatia and Morocco in the live broadcast tape

wm World Cup in Qatar

Croatia defeats Morocco and celebrates third place

Bronze goal: Croatian Mislav Orsic (left) kicked his team into third place

Bronze goal: Croatian Mislav Orsic (left) kicked his team into third place

Source: dpa / Tom Weller

In the penultimate match of the World Cup in Qatar, Croatia narrowly claimed the bronze medal in a fast-paced duel with Morocco. A final North African header went over the bar. The game is in the live stream.

KCroatia and Morocco faced each other in the match for third place in the World Cup in Qatar, after being defeated in the semi-finals. In the end, the Europeans narrowly won 2-1.

90 + 6: the final whistle

game over. Croatia celebrates the third place. The Moroccans initially plunged into lively discussions with the referee.

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The finish shines with bronze: Croatia celebrates third place in the World Cup

90 + 5: Morocco’s last header

Nusayri heads very high. It may have been Morocco’s last chance to score.

89 minutes: six more minutes

Extra time is displayed. Qatar referee gives six extra minutes. However, Morocco no longer gave the impression that it could beat the Croats’ defense again. The attacks are displayed very frantically.

74th minute: Croatia demands a penalty kick

Gvardiol falls to the ground in the penalty area after light contact with his foot. Croats demand penalties. Understandable, but from an objective perspective, despite all the theatrics, it wasn’t enough for the referee to award a penalty kick. Protests on the other side also continued without consequences soon after. On the other hand, Petkovic calmly entered the field against Hakimi on the edge of the penalty area. Here too, the referee’s whistle from free kicks failed to materialize.

70 min: Vlasic fouls

Now move the ball again.. Vlasic hits from 25 meters. Then his shot is set very high. The game, like the actors, is losing steam.

67 minutes: Next, please

The game has lost its rhythm. And now Croatia is making a double change: Pasalic and Petkovic replace Mager and Levia. Morocco is already sending its fifth new player into the race. Mother of God replaces Alemaq.

64 minutes: Next change

Morocco’s strength is running out. Coach Regragui reacts and changes after a good hour for the third and fourth time. Zarouri replaces Boufal. Dare gives way to Bannon.

62nd minute: Kramaric came out injured

Morocco had already made a substitution in the second half and filled in for Sabri. Shortly after that, Onahi replaced Al-Khanous (56th). Now the Croats also have to swap, but without planning. Andrej Kramaric of Hoffenheim cannot continue after a hamstring injury. He is replaced by Nikola Vlasic from Turin.

46 min: Orsic hits the side-netting

After the break, the game continues with a large number of strokes. Mislav Orsic narrowly missed his second goal of the match. The Croatian’s shot goes past the post and into the side netting.

45 + 2 minutes: half-time break

After 47 intense minutes, the Qatar referee blew the whistle for a break. The two early goals were key to the quick push from both teams. With the aim of making it 2-1, Croatia became the happiest of two teams fighting with passion.

42 minutes: Croatia scores, making it 2-1

In the urgent phase, Morocco meets Croatia for renewed leadership. Mislav Orsic makes his team celebrate and score goals from the left side of the box with the help of the right inside post. Bono was too far from his goal.

37 minutes: Morocco is equal

The last ten minutes are back to Morocco again. The North Africans have not lost any of their momentum after losing in the semi-finals and are now aiming for their second goal. Al-Nusairi misses a promising center twice.

24 minutes: Bono tackles Modric

Once again, the powerful Moroccan goalkeeper is in the spotlight. This time he puts his hands on the ball just in time after a shot by Modric and he can parry it.

18th minute: Kramaric misses the lead again

Croatia has the chance 2-1. And again, it is his header that creates the danger. Andrej Kramaric of TSG Hoffenheim leads Morocco goalkeeper Bono out of the blue.

15 minutes: A scene at the beginning

Things start well here in the penultimate game of the World Cup. The joy of Croatia’s first 1-0 lead in the tournament did not last long. Both sides are trying to calm down and control. Let’s see how long this lasts.

9 minutes: Morocco responds quickly – 1: 1

Morocco comes back after only 118 seconds after 0: 1. As with the Croatian national team, the North Africans scored with a header from an extended free kick. Ashraf Dari nodded.

7 minutes: An early lead for Croatia

The Croats start this game quickly and are immediately rewarded: Lovro Madjer’s free-kick inside the Moroccan penalty area finds Josko Gvardiol who heads in to make it 1-0.

First minute: The ball rolls

Rule Abdul Rahman Al-Jassim Al-Qatari sets off, and Croatia sets off.

before kick-off

3:57 PM: Bands are there, and jingles are playing. First the Croatian and now the Moroccan.

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3:53 PM: The Moroccans have already made history by reaching the semi-finals. Not so long ago, an African team reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. Now you should also work with the third position.

3.50pm: Teams are expected to be on the field. There was indeed a clash between the two teams in this World Cup. In the preliminary round, the teams tied 0: 0. This is not possible today.

3:41 PM: The Croats also made some changes compared to their 3-0 semi-final defeat by Argentina. Munich-born Josip Stanisic of Bayern Munich can play right-back from the start this time around.

3:35 pm: The surprising Moroccan team is playing the third-place match in the World Cup in Qatar with many alternatives. Bayern Munich professional player Nosair Mazraoui and regular central defenders Roman Sayess (Besiktas Istanbul) and Nayef Aguird (West Ham United) are absent from the starting line-up for the match against Croatia on Saturday due to injury.

In midfield, former Germany U-21 player Abdelhamid Sabiri of Sampdoria-Genoa has replaced Ezzedine Unahi (SCO Angers), who has been strong in the tournament so far.