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Working as a ‘Global Strategist’: Former Adviser Kurtz Becomes Director in the USA

Global Strategist job
Former Chancellor Kurtz became a director in the USA

Sebastian Kurz is moving from politics to the American economy: according to media reports, the former Austrian chancellor will take the position of “global strategist” at an investment company. Their president has German roots and is a staunch supporter of Trump.

According to media reports, former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will work for German-American tech investor Peter Thiel in the future. The 35-year-old has confirmed that he will act as a “global strategist” for Thiel Capital from the first quarter, as reported by “Kronenzeitung” and news portal Today, citing Kurtz.

Born in Frankfurt, Thiel was a co-founder of the online payment service PayPal and the first outside investor in Facebook (now Meta). He is politically conservative and a supporter of former US President Donald Trump. He must too Right-wing extremist candidates with millions of dollars of Republican support.

It dismissed speculation that Curtis could do business with US data analytics firm Palantir Technologies. Palantir is also one of Thiel’s founding companies. At Tell Capital, there is an annual salary of close to €500,000 for Kurz, Bild reports.

Kurz entered politics at the age of twenty-five, initially as Secretary of State and shortly thereafter as Secretary of State and later as an advisor. He had once started studying law, but dropped out. Kurz resigned as Federal Chancellor in October after corruption allegations. He and some of his close political associates are said to have used taxpayer money to conduct opinion polls to pave his way to the Chancellery. Curtis denies the allegations.

As a former chancellor, he initially remained chairman of the conservative ÖVP party and leader of the parliamentary group, but at the beginning of December he suddenly announced his resignation from all positions. He and his girlfriend became parents days ago. He said that the birth of his son changed his view, and prevented a return to politics.