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Work & Travel: Waiting for Australia – Travel

What will you do after graduating from high school, university or vocational training? Until two years ago it was clear to many young people: Australia or New Zealand! Both of these countries are still very popular destinations for work and travel plans. However, entering one of these two countries, one of the toughest locks in the world, is still not possible.

“Demand is high. Through trade fairs and social media, we receive daily inquiries into Australia and New Zealand,” says Sonja Trefzger of Travel Works, a travel operator that offers student exchanges, language trips, volunteer work and au couples. Work and travel around the world. But at present no concessions are offered to those interested in these countries. “We don’t know when to re-enter,” Treffer said. Many interested parties were asked to put it on the waiting list. “But, unless we have planning security, we can only add them to our mailing list and let them know when re-entry is possible.” Since November 1, after nearly two years of lockdown, Australian citizens abroad have been able to re-enter their country. But this does not apply to tourists. There are signs of relaxation, and tourists could head back to Australia this year. But probably not at all. “Even after the opening, we expect both Australia and New Zealand to allow only those who have been vaccinated into the country,” Treffer said.

If you do not want to wait any longer: work and travel Canada is back on track, with those who have been fully vaccinated since early September allowed to return to Canada without job confirmation. However, the scheme is limited to German citizens and is based on the selection lottery procedure. If all of this is very uncertain and Canada is too cold, you may want to consider participating in a volunteer program – for example in Costa Rica, South Africa or Namibia. Alternative: Dream for a while about Australia and New Zealand.