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Women's TdS Stage 2 - Convincing Neff to try time - Day winner Faulkner again in yellow

Women’s TdS Stage 2 – Convincing Neff to try time – Day winner Faulkner again in yellow

  • The winner of the second stage of the Tour de Suisse is Christine Faulkner (USA/BikeExchange-Jayco).
  • Faulkner replaces Lucinda Brand (NED/Trek-Segafredo) as tour leader.
  • Jolanda Neff also showed the best performance in the 25-plus km time trial at Vaduz (LIE) with a Rank 6.
  • For men, the decision to win the round falls on the same path – 2:05 PM Live broadcast on SRF Zwei channel.

Jolanda Neff showed a solid performance in her first professional test and came in sixth place: after just a few kilometers from the start, the woman from eastern Switzerland met the woman in front of her and made up a minute.

Pulled through from the start

At that point, the only question was: Can Nef maintain this pace in the heat of the emirate’s capital? After the 25-kilometer route, Neff shattered all doubts and crossed the stretch of home as the leader for a while. The 29-year-old was in the top ten in the second stage, and is now sixth in the overall standings (+1:28 min).

With Alessandra Keeler (16th place) and Nicole Koehler (22nd place), both part of the Swiss cycling team, two other Swiss women are ranked in the top 30. Our mountain bike teammates Sina Fry (54), Linda Endergan (54th) and Linda Endergand did not get up. For speed as desired with time of the test bike.

Voices from the Swiss camp

Today’s victory went to American Kristen Faulkner of Team BikeEchxange-Jayco, who dominated the event with a triple win. Faulkner took 14 seconds more than her competition; She was also rewarded with the yellow leader jersey, which she wants to defend on Monday during the third stage. Lucinda Brand, the previous day’s winner, lost 1:07 to Faulkner, which means she is now second (+4secs).

Sprint instead of roll

Russian Alena Iwantschenko intrigued, after falling into the last corner before the finish, slammed her work equipment across the finish line.

From Landel to Graub√ľnden

In the second half of the tour, the Swiss National Tour lives up to its name: in the third stage on Monday it will travel 124.2 km from Vaduz to Chur, and on Tuesday there is the King’s Theater from Chur through the Wolfgang Pass (Davos) to Lantsch / Lenz as the last part of the program .


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Trial time second stage
1. Kristen Faulkner (USA) 31:46.
2. Georgia Williams (New Zealand) +0: 14.
3. Georgia Baker (New Zealand) +1:03.

6. Jolanda Nef +1: 28. 7. Sarah Roy (Australia) +1: 36. 8. Fluorgy Mixed (NED) +2: 06. 9. Olivia Burrell (Canada) +2: 10. 10. Brody Chapman (ITA) +2: 19.3

The other Swiss: 16. Alessandra Keeler + 2:15. 22. Nicole Koehler +2: 45. 38. Steffi Haeberlin +3: 43. 42. Fabien Bouri +3: 20. 52. Noemi Roig +3: 44.

Overall ranking (2/4):
1. Christine Faulkner 1:41:55.
2. Lucinda Brand 0:04.
3- Georgia Williams 0:14.

4. Paulina Roijakkers 0:34. 5. Georgia Baker 1:12. 6. Jolanda Neff 1:28. 7. Sarah Roy 1:36. 8. Florgy McCaig 2:06. 9. Olivia Burrell 2:10. 10. Brody Chapman 2:19.

Other Swiss women: 12. Alessandra Keeler 2:24. 26. Steffi Haeberlin 3:22. 31. Sina Fry 3:50. 32. Noemi Roig 3:53. 34. Linda Endergand 4:01. 35. Leah Fox 4:10. 41. Kohler 4:53. 42 – Caroline Burr 4:59. 54. Ahmed. 7:53. Time limit exceeded: including Michel Andres (Switzerland).