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Women's soccer: Germany dramatically outperforms world champion USA Sports

Women’s soccer: Germany dramatically outperforms world champion USA Sports

ZDF prefers to show “Mountain Doctor” |

Our soccer players are blowing away the world champions in the USA

This crew never stops making fun!

Three months after the European runner-up title and half a year before the World Cup, the German soccer team beat world champions the United States 2-1 in a friendly match in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

A sensation, because the Americans around superstars Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan have previously been undefeated in 71 home games.

The decision in favor of the strong German national team in the 89th minute: Jules Brand, who has just been named the best young player in Europe, stops with Paulina Krumbijl. Talent TSG Hoffenheim hits the ball under the crossbar!

Our champions started strong, had the first chances and didn’t let the Americans into the match. Lena Magul and Alexandra Pope could have topped.

But then the American women more and more bypassed the shaky German defense and had three great chances before the break to score the first goal. Strong goalkeeper Merle Froms and Latte prevented a deficit.

Goalkeeper Merle Froomes (left) saves Alex Morgan

Photo: Lynne Sladky/AP

Fuzuli then the 52nd minute: Corner kick for the United States, Lindsay Horan hit the post, but Germany responded. A shot from Clara Ball fell first on the post, then on the back of the USA goalkeeper Casey Murphy and finally in the goal. 1: 0!

The surprise was close, because after the lead the Girls Union came close to the decision. Chantal Hagel and Laura Frigang gave the best chances. There was little to see from the United States in the second half.

But then, our eleven soccer star Rapinoe shocked! In the 85th minute, the 37-year-old, who has done so much for (reward) justice in women’s football, scored after a model from Morgan.

But our heroines didn’t let that derail them – and face the bitter cold.

“We showed a great mentality. The pace was phenomenal, things are going on,” said Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, the national team coach after the match.

Megan Rapinoe (second from right) made it 1-1 to the United States

Megan Rapinoe (second from right) made it 1-1 to the United States

Photo: Lynne Sladky/AP

The big disappointment: ZDF couldn’t keep up with the level of fast-paced confrontation. In the German women’s soccer league, all-time viewing records are shattered when public radio decided not to show the match on television but only on the internet. That’s when the match kicks off at midnight. In place of our footballers, an iteration of “Bergdoktor” was run on ZDF. Voss-Tecklenburg before the game on TV decision: “I always wish for real live games.”

Worse yet: The broadcast began twelve minutes after it was announced, and there were no preliminary reports or interviews prior to launch. Embarrassing: ZDF has taken over the American TV signal. The voice of the American commentator could be heard in the first 10 minutes of the match, but the German commentator had to respond.

Nobody should hear that… Werder rumors about two World Cup drivers

I'm sure no one should have heard that...: Werder gossip about two World Cup drivers

Source: Instagram / LeoBittencourt32


The US tour, in which the German team plays again against the US Ladies in New York on Sunday, was not under a good star anyway. The coach of the national team (“I was the best home match in November”) and the leaders of the German Federation tried to postpone or shorten the trip to one match. But contractual obligations forced the team to compete there. Voss Tecklenburg: “We couldn’t say no again.”

Clubs now have to pay for travel in the middle of the Bundesliga and Champions League season – but they also benefit from an ego boost for this friendly sensation!