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Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships – Lightning Start USA Teams in Category: Switzerland No Chance – Sports

Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships – Lightning Start USA Teams in Category: Switzerland No Chance – Sports

  • The Swiss national ice hockey team suffered a clear defeat against the United States of America in the World Cup Group II match in Brampton (Canada).
  • Against the dominant Americans, it goes down 1:9.
  • The first goal for the United States falls after only seven seconds.

The surface at the ice rink in Brampton, Canada, was still pretty fresh when the Americans got to celebrate against the Swiss national ice hockey team for the first time. Just seven seconds into the match, the favorites from North America took the lead. Abby Murphy fell from the right and caught Saskia Maurer from a tight angle into the Swiss goal. It was the fastest goal ever scored in a World Cup. The direction of the career of coach Colin Mueller’s team was set in the second group match.

Because Team USA lived up to its role as ringleader. After Switzerland managed to prevent their second conceded, they conceded three goals in the space of 97 seconds near the end of the third period:

  • 16 minutes: After winning the encounter, Caroline Harvey makes a pass from the blue line and shoots. Maurer has a clear view, but he can’t dodge the shot.
  • 16 minutes: The Americans reacted with lightning speed after a bad pass from Alina Mueller in their own area. Taylor Hayes is served by Hannah Belka, who holds Maurer between her legs.
  • 17 minutes: Gabriel Hughes sees Rebecca Gilmour from behind the goal, who then has to slide.

After the Swiss put in an enticing defensive performance in their Group 1 match against Canada, the United States made the job very easy. The North Americans continued to create good opportunities without much resistance and knew how to exploit them.

In the middle of the period, the favorites continued to increase the score, after 40 minutes the score was 6: 0. The picture remained unchanged in the final third: the Americans celebrated the offensive ice hockey with a lot of running business, thus overshadowing the Swiss defense. With her second personal goal, Harvey made it 7-0 (48).

There was something to celebrate for Switzerland: Rachel Enzler scored in the 51st minute to make it 7-1. The consolation goal for Al-Nati was the first goal against the United States in a major event in 15 years. Kayla Barnes and Gabrielle Hughes were nervous about the final score of 9-1.

This is how it goes

The next match of the Swiss national team in the World Cup will take place on Easter Monday (live on SRF from 9:00 pm). The opponent in the third group match is called Japan.