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Women’s football: Alexandra Popp and co.  Travel Tips to Australia by |  game

Women’s football: Alexandra Popp and co. Travel Tips to Australia by | game

Half the world for the title!

On Tuesday evening, our footballers will travel to Australia and New Zealand for the World Cup (July 20 to August 20). Traveling by bus from Frankfurt via Dubai to Sydney, nearly 100 kilometers north of Wyong, Alexandra Popp (32) and co. They will stay during the tournament. They are on the road for about 24 hours and have an eight-hour time difference at their destination compared to Germany.

Players have accurate notifications to survive world travel: travel tricks for the title!

Already on departure Bio-Rhythm was transferred to Australia. From then on, only the time of destination applies. Instructions to players: Upon boarding the flight, they must change their watches to Sydney time.

And at the right time they should behave on board. This is especially true for sleeping and eating. If necessary, force the body to rest at night, Australian time, but with the sun shining through the plane’s windows. Everyone is provided with ambient-darkening sleep goggles so that Bob and Co can still get some shut-eye.

Even the food is eaten as if you were already in Australia. In addition, the sleep specialist working for the DFB decreed: Do not drink coffee at certain times, otherwise the body will not shut down.

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If all goes according to plan, the team will land in Australia early Thursday morning local time.

It’s time for the final for the opener against Morocco on July 24.