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Women's disembarkation in Lake Louise - Jogja puts the first signal - the return of the injured Swiss woman - sport

Women’s disembarkation in Lake Louise – Jogja puts the first signal – the return of the injured Swiss woman – sport


In the first sprint of the season, the Italian led the competition to the ground.


  • 1. Sofia Giugia (Italy) 1:46.95
  • 2. Breeze Johnson (USA) +1,47
  • 3. Mirjam Puchner (AUT) +1,54

Showing strength at the start: Sofia Jogia is the name of the season’s first winner of the sprint. The Italian, who started with number 5, showed a perfect top-down trajectory when descending from Lake Louise and was 1.47secs and more ahead of the competition – Lindsey Vonn last won in 2011 in the Rockies by a larger margin.

He came closest to Goggia with Breezy Johnson (USA) and Mirjam Puchner (AUT), fellow Atomic. It was the best result of his career for the American after he finished third four times last winter.

Swiss women

  • 5. Corinne Sutter +2.02.2007
  • 9. Jasmine Flory +2,31
  • 14. Prisca Nofer +2,64
  • 17. Lara Gut Bahrami +2.74
  • 28. Joanna Hallen +3.71

The Swiss women of Lake Louise couldn’t have had a say in where the podium was. Corinne Sutter, who had slowed in preparation for bruising both shin plateaus after the fall, lost more than two seconds at the best time, but finished fifth, but as so often in the past, she was the fastest Swiss skater.

Behind them, Jasmine Fleury and Prisca Neufer have shown that they can be expected this year as well. Lara Gut Bahrami couldn’t hide the fact that she’s not at her best after a bad cold and lost a lot of time.


Lake Louise remains a special place for Nicole Schmidhofer. Here the Austrian celebrated 3 out of 4 victories in the World Cup. And there was something so exciting again this year. After a violent fall at Val d’Isere a year ago, the 32-year-old’s career was in jeopardy with serious injuries. Now Schmidhofer is back at the start. She lost 4.62 seconds, how high could her performance be, but she also gave an applause from Dominator Goggia.

So it continues

With departure on Friday, women’s sprint season really kicked in. It continues on Lake Louise in quick succession. The next departure will come on Saturday (8:30pm), after Super-G on Sunday (6:30pm) the ladies’ entourage will leave the USA and move to Switzerland. The next two Super-Gs on the show for this coming weekend in St. Moritz.