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Women making history | Embassies and Consulates of Cuba

Presented by: Maria Inஸ்s Alvarez Carey

In the mid-nineteenth century, on a date similar to 1857, March 8 was declared International Women’s Day in 1975 in recognition of the thousands of textile workers who decided to take to the streets of New York. In the midst of the Industrial Revolution, with the slogan “Bread and Roses”, they are fighting horrific working conditions, demanding a reduction in working hours and an end to child labor.

Like the T-shirt strike in 1909, it was one of the first demonstrations to fight for women’s rights, followed by numerous protests and movements.

This special day, in the words of the UN, “refers to ordinary women as the architects of history and the roots of the centuries-long struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men.”

International Women’s Day is a good time to think about developments and celebrate the courage and determination of ordinary women who have played a key role in the history of their country and the world.

Cuban women play a major role in the development of today’s society. His role in the medical field has progressed over time. With diligence, determination and courage they were able to achieve the valuable position they have attained in the world today.

The largest in the Antilles has thousands of health professionals who travel to the most remote countries and volunteer the most difficult conditions, without any pressure, because it is always a personal decision.

Currently, there are more than 30,407 Cuban health professionals in 66 countries, distributed to permanent medical units and the “Henry Reeve” team, and COVID-19 causes thousands of deaths each day.

In this humane army with a white coat and a caring heart, our women, 71% of the Cuban health workers are heroines.

The largest women in the Antilles have left an indelible mark on the history of cooperation in more than 150 countries, with more than 420,000 health professionals since the collaboration began in the 1960s.

The Gambia has a Cuban Medical Corps (PMC) of more than 150 professionals in West Africa, and 51% of women help people with illnesses who need care or encouragement to continue living.

Their creative ingenuity, fertile wit, and gentle hands in the work of the Campion Brothers, with all the affection and expertise that little children or those who are already combing gray hair signify, and the unity and health of these African land seeds.

So far this year, PMC has treated more than 136,836 patients, 5,924 in dentistry, 3,622 in hemodialysis and 3,167 in rehab. He has performed more than 3,670 deliveries, 2,921 surgeries, 7,804, ultrasound and 91 endoscopic examinations, which helped raise health indicators, and the praise and satisfaction of the people and Gambian authorities.

Here are the hands of our Mariana angels who have helped themselves to the red line for patients suffering from Govt-19 disease and have shown themselves in their talent, knowledge, scientific product, their love, affection, tenderness and professionalism. Love, volunteerism, unity, internationalism and fraternity, in which deserving Cubans live with pride.

In 1999 our Eternal Commander Fidel Castro Roose confirmed: “Today it is a fact that the majority of technological power is women, and the majority is growing and whose talent is becoming more and more clear, whose qualities are increasingly unquestionable”.

Congratulations dear ladies, the stable bearers of the honor of the country, the heroic guerrillas of health and life, the diamonds of true humanity, the relentless conquerors of death, all fighting for a better and better future!

Long live International Women’s Day!

Professor and collaborator of the Cuban Medical Corps in the Gambia