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Wolfgang Petri: Sad news – is there any cause for concern?

Wolfgang Petri: Sad news – is there any cause for concern?

Anything to worry about? All interviews have been cancelled

Wolfgang Petri hasn’t given any interviews in years – in fact. But for his new album, the musician wanted to stir up publicity again, and for that too interviews leads, though Just in writing. But these are now, according to “” Surprisingly canceled. Since no shows are planned either, Wolle fans have nothing but new music.

However, one question arises: why wouldn’t Wolfgang Petri want to answer questions about his album in writing? or can not? The 71-year-old has always struggled with that in the past You suffer from health problems. It is said that he had elevated cholesterol levels years ago. The emergence of 2018 also caused concern. It was then that Wolfgang Petri made a surprise appearance at the performance of his musical “Wahnsinn” in Berlin and performed his song of the same name, which we could all sing to – but the hit star forgot his stage script. After that they keep doing that Dementia rumors round.

Will Wolfgang Petri frustrate his health again? Unclear – No real reason for canceled interviews. However, the Schlager portal would like to learn from the environment of the pop star that he should have changed his mind in a short time:

Can write on my record. but I no longer give interviews.

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