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Wölbitsch / Hungerländer ad SPÖ Vienna: The culture of welcoming is out of place!

Ludwig-Sager on Afghan Asylum Seekers A Whole Wrong Approach – 2015 Should Not Repeat Itself – Solves Existing Integration Problems

Vienna Markus Volbic, president of VP Vienna, sees Mayor Michael Ludwig’s statements about accepting asylum seekers from Afghanistan as a completely wrong approach. “It is typical that Mayor Ludwig would like to open the door to Afghan asylum seekers in our city. In light of the integration challenges that already exist in Vienna, we reject this request. The welcome policy is not in place here.” Austria, and above all Vienna has already done more than Many other countries regarding the protection of Afghans in light of our population. Within the European Union, Austria is the country with the second most Afghans per capita. The focus should be on helping the local population, this is the only way to go.” The truth is that the pictures And the developments from 2015 should not be repeated,” Volbic continues.

Integration spokeswoman Caroline Hungerlender also criticizes the SPÖ Vienna course: “The SPÖ welcoming culture in our city has caused many as yet unresolved problems. Instead of addressing these matters, you close your eyes. Think, for example, of the riots. In Favoriten or the presence of political Islam in Vienna. Mayor Ludwig is primarily responsible for the integration and security policy in Vienna. It is imperative that he devote himself first to this construction site before making false promises to thousands of Afghan asylum seekers.”

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