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Woke jargon: What does all this mean anyway?

Wake up, trigger, cancel the culture

What does all this mean anyway?

A glossary of the most important terms in the current discussion of cultural appropriation and awakening.

wok: It comes from Afro-American slang and is actually the grammatically incorrect past form of the word “awake”. Nowadays, for some, that means being aware of social grievances, especially when it comes to marginal groups, and doing something about it. However, in the United States, where the word originated, a reinterpretation has already appeared: there the word can already be used in a way that means smashing “intolerance of other opinions”.

Catalysts: In psychology, this word means an external cause that returns a person with PTSD to the state in which the trauma occurred. This can lead to a strong physical reaction such as fainting, shaking, or uncontrollable aggression. In the meantime, the term is used more broadly and non-specifically and can describe the general feeling of being unwell due to an external stimulus.