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WKG Innviertel takes second place in weightlifting

WKG Innviertel takes second place in weightlifting

LOCHEN / RANSHOFEN. The Upper Austria derby of the National League Weightlifting Championship was held on Saturday, March 19, at Oessen Sports Park. Community Competition (WKG) Lochen/Ranshofen narrowly lost to SK VÖEST Linz II with a score of 0.57 points.

The people of Linz won their first major, the snatch, by 0.52 points. The cleanliness and jerk got tighter, and here the people of Linz had a lead of 0.05 points. Overall, this makes a difference of 0.57 points. Converting these 0.57 points results in a difference of approximately 0.8 kg.

Best personal stuff

The deciding factor in VÖEST’s victory was that they only had one invalid competition attempt. On the other hand, the Innviertler competition community scored nine invalid attempts. Luca Modrey (SK VÖEST) achieved personal bests with 95 kg in the snatch, 125 kg in the jerk and 220 kg in the snatch. Matthias Perek (Invertel) also broke his personal best as he scored 128kg in the snatch and 273kg in the fencing. The winner of the match was Milos Zivkovic (SK VÖEST), who, as the last lifter on the podium, decided to snatch for his team with a valid weight of 137 kg and jerk with a weight of 168 kg.